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Buying a new rifle...need opinions.

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3 choices here gents......that is all. If you could own 1 of these rifles to hunt deer with which one would you choose...regardless of price...and why?

1.) Bolt action 30-06

2.) Bolt action .308

3.) Thompson Center Encore single shot in either 30-06 or .308

NOW.....what in your opinion is the best brand of rifle that you chose?

Browning A-bolt

Remington 700


CZ 550 American

Winchester Model 70

Thompson Center

I want the "why's" here guys.....I'm finally dumping my Marlin 336C in .35 Remington after 2 years of missed deer and massive frustration. I do a LOT of stalking and need a rifle that can reach out and touch a deer at about 100 yds. I need fast and flat / I need lightweight, I need smaller size.

Any suggestions?
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Well Mainer, my opinion would be a bolt action 30-06. Why? It's the only rifle I really ever messed with. I currently use a Remington 710 30-06. I've used other 06 models in the past and was satisfied with all. However I have heard a few people raving up the Thompson Center Encore models accuracy and such. I think that's the kind that breaks open to load/unload. But when you say fast and flat, lightweight and smaller size a 270 comes to mind. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.
Greetings Mainer, with what you're looking for I have to ask you to take a look at this Rifle
it's the .270 Ruger M77MarkII UltraLight That rifle is exactly what you're looking for but if you're set on your choices I would go with the bolt Action .30-06 Remington 700 the reason I would choose that one would be
the .30-06's Outstandng Reputation and most Remington Rifles are dependable and accurate. GOOD LUCK
I shoot a Rem 700 7mm Rem Mag I like the bolt because of accuracy It had 3 in. groups out of the box.
i shoot a 280 remington and its great but i would say the 30-06 just beacuase of the reputation it has and its really popular so bullets arnt hard to find or expensive
Id go with the 30/60 for the reasons above.tried and true cant beat a bolt action for reliability and accuracy rem 700
Although not listed as a choice I would take a rem 700 in 25-06 , but from the 2 you put out there I guess 30/06
I use a winchester model 70, 30-06 and it works great very durable and reliable. Shoots very accuratley and at distance. Great Gun.
OK...I decided on the TC Encore....because I've always wanted one.

It's muzzleloader season here now...and I'm starting with the muzzeloader because its cheaper to buy them starting this way.

Help me with the rifle choice.....either the wood and blued barrel or the Realtree and stainless barrel.

Encore Muzzleloading Rifles - Thompson/Center

Please help...the stainless is $100 more...but for looks I'm leaning toward the wood one. I like the classic look.
well that depends on your personal you like the classic look or the more modern synt stock.stainless is supposed tp last longer but i dont like the ide of a real shiny barrel what the point of the camo:confused::confused::confused:
The stainless is more expensive and shiny and it would stick out like a sore thumb to a deer. The wood and blue is duller and wouldn't stick out as much, plus it is a classic look just what you like. In summary, go with the cheaper, more concealed, CLASSIC look.
I don't know about you but my wood stock is a high gloss finish,though the barrel is a satin blue.
i do not like getting guns with the wood stock because you are always going to be worried about scratching it and you never think that you are going to have to walk through thick brush with it but oneday you will and when it gets scratched you will be mad. just a personal opinion. how ever it does look really ......really good with the wood and stainless
I'm new HERE, but have over 50 years of hunting behind me. Sad to say I've more experience than future when it comes to hunting. I'd like to pass on what I've learned over the years, not only as a hunter, but a taxidermist who has spoken with tons of successful hunters, as well seen what different calibers do to game and meat. Also, I did my beginning hunting in Vermont, so I know what that part of the country is like in the deer woods. I've hunted everything from whitetails in the east to muleys and elk in the west , where I now live, and caribou up north. Not bragging, just been around a long time. I've had most of the calibers and rifles mentioned in this thread, so I can give you some first hand advice (not theory or something I read). First, they can ALL do the job if the hunter does his or her part - practice at different ranges, learns about game anatomy, uses the right bullet for the job, knows his/her limitations, etc. The Ruger ultra lite in .270 is a great gun (I've had one) - It's a little on the light side for really long shots. The Rem. 700 (I've owned several) is a classic. I currently have a 700 Mountain rifle in .280 and have killed about 50 big game animals with it. Antelope, whitetails, muleys and elk - it does it all. I've shot the TC, but am a little wary about recommending a single shot. Maybe I'm not that confident a shooter. I also currently own a Rem. Model 7 in 300WSM, which is short and would be nice for woods hunting - but you probably don't need that big of a bullet. In addition to the guns I've mentioned, I've owned Winchesters, several other Rugers - including the International in .308 with a Mannlicher stock (another great gun for woods hunting) and the old style Savage 99 in .308 with the rotary magazine (too bad they stopped making that one). But my (slight)favorite is the Tikka Lite Stainless. I just got this rifle a couple of months ago. It's SUPER accurate - guaranteed to shoot 3 shots under 1 inch @ 100 yards, and it does every time. It's light - under 6 and a half pounds without scope, and it's less expense than most of the others and comes with rings and has a built in rail. This season I shot an antelope and 4x4 whitetail with it (270WSM). With a 24 1/2 in barrel, it may be a little long for woods hunting. Anyway, that's some info from an old-timer. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions about any of these guns or calibers. I hope it helps and good luck to all!
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hey scrubhorse welcome to the site thanks for the great post .feel free to impart some"wisdom' on us anyday.nothing beats experience:yes:
Good evening onehorse and welcome to the site. Glad to have all that experience and knowledge along with us.
Hello onehorse, good to see another young wise man to share some stories with. Just this year I took out the old 300 savage 99. I have a 38-55 winchester that still needs to collect a critter. My current favorite is a Rem Mountain rifle in 270 with a 3X9 Redfield Widefield. I think the Nature Gods will grant you many more outdoor adventures before the great one calls you home.
Thanks for the welcome, guys. I'll be glad to tell what I've seen and give some opinions, but I also expect to learn a bunch from you too!
Personal preference comes into play on which model you choose. I like natural wood. I have a TC firehawk in walnut 50cal, a custom flint maple Hawken in 54, and a TC flint 50 cal PA hunter in walnut. I've never had a wood issue with weather in over 40 years of hunting. I'd go with either a 50 or 54 in a muzzlleloader, and that would be determined by what type of bullet/powder combination I was going to use. Pellets and sabots I'd go with a 50, loose black powder and I'd go with a 50 or 54. Young hunters really don't need the three 150gr pellets as 100 gr is plenty to bring down all the deer/black bear you might encounter. Just remember that muzzleloaders MUST be cleaned after every hunt they are used. At the end of every day I clean the barrel lightly with a solvent soaked patch and followed by dry patches. At the end of the hunt I run solvent wet patches till they come out clean followed by dry patches and finally rem oil patched. The gun is disassembled and every part cleaned and lubed. There is no need to use the old hot soapy water method. This system has worked well for me as my guns look like new. Good luck and happy hunting.
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