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Buying a 22LR

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So i've shot a lot of 22's but I'm no expert. I've got a few guns around the house, but no 22's. I'm looking to get one for squirrel hunting, and to hand down to my son as his first gun in a couple years, he'll be two in December. I've heard great things about the Ruger 10 22 but haven't found a good place to find them used.

I'd prefer not to have to buy one at WallyWorld or BPS so I don't have to go through all the paperwork. My Ruger p345 and Browning X-bolt are already registered so they know I have em I just don't think I need another one tagged under my name on the list.

Any suggestions on places ya'll have luck finding used rifles.


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Flea market ! Can run across some junk and can find some great deals.
But the paper work on a new one isn't tath big of a deal, and it doesn't matter how many guns you have in your name the whole idea is trying to keep guns from fellons , and hot headed people from running up an buying a gun an killing someone. It's just one of them things we just gotta deal with.witch is kind of pointless if a fellon can just go to the flea market n get one anyways, but I guess the guy that's mad at his girlfriend has all week to cool down waiting on the weekend flea lol
The Browning take down semi-auto 22 is great accurate little rifle. Browning quality and they seem to hold their value over the years. To find a specific 22 you might as well purchase new and go through the red tape, they know who we are anyways.
I've looked at the Browning line, but man I can't see paying 500 or so for a 22. I love the Browning quality, and I'd love to have it in 22 to match my 30-06 (i know who cares right) but I'd be tempted to buy a bigger caliber for that kind of money.
I'm one who believes that in firearms most times you get what you pay for. There are so many to choose from we all can find something in our price range. Saving just a little longer may in the long run provide a better investment.
My choice is the Remington 572 pump action.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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