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Busy Holidays = No deer hunting

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Personally I enjoyed the break from work during the holidays but am now glad its over.. Talk about busy.. My house was loaded with folks basically the whole time.. 14 folks for 8 days, then my family stuff started after that. Had no chance to get in the woods.. My wife wrecked on Christmas Eve.. Everybodys fine so it dont bother me any.. Im just glad I hadnt dropped the full coverage on that vehicle yet. It broke a tie-rod so the vehicle is still in the shop.. The only thing that got under my skin was the tow bill.. $400.. They took it less than a mile from the accident.. They may have had a 3 mile round trip to park the car hauler. I guess they get triple time plus some on Holidays.. Hopefully I get it back in the morning. No vehicle we can all fit in at the moment..

And here is pic of a deer that came off the lease I was on the 2 previous years.. I took a year off since we had just moved and were still working on the house.

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Thats a bummer about your vehical but glad to here everyone is ok.nice buck!!there will be plenty of time to first lol.
Ya, glad everyone is OK! Trucks can be fixed. Nice buck pic.
Yup, what they said! You have Triple A down there Buck?
Yup it's a bummer about the vehicle But nobody was injured and that's the most important thing...
Vehicles can be repaired or replaced. And that 400 dollar tow bill,,, that isn't right at all.
Awesome deer though, Congratulations!!!
nice deer try joining triple a they towed me the other day to the shop for free it paid for the 25$ membership fee:wink::wink:
Haven't noticed a triple a before.. Ill have to look them up
You can check them out online at
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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