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Busted again

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Two does. Never saw em. I was looking right they were on my left. Should I move my stand since they busted me? They have a regular pattern through the area. Pretty thick forest up here in NH.
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i'd sit tight for a while. welcome from nh
NH is realy starting take over this site. wlecome also from NH:biggrin:
sit tight

As in stay the hell outta there or stick with it?
NH just needs a new Governor and we'll be all set, That guy scares the crap outta me. Even though I can kick a field goal with the guy !
hunt it. with so few deer here i feel there is a cycle of 3 days or so. if you got no new sign or sightings by the 4 day make a little move. thats what i'd do.
Thanks man

I'm gonna stick with it and bag one of em by weeks end. Dont know what the first one saw but she busted at out hard. The second stopped to take a look then busted out as well. Almost could have taken a shot. Good luck!
hey you have them there. thats a start. if you got nothing in a few days then move. besides the bucks or on the prod so you may catch one of them. now you got to figure out why they busted you and fix it. I hunt high. 25 ft or more. I take scent control very seriuosly. check out my and all the articles posted under the dhcteam. start at home page and dhc team. good stuff there. good hunting.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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