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Power belts or Tc shockwave sabots?????????
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I'd take the shockwaves. I've never heard anything bad about them but I have heard of poor ballistic performance from powerbelts. I haven't tried either of them, as I use Barnes Expanders.
Super shock waves in 250 gr are a killing combination.
I'm going to get the shockwave for my triumph. I was reading the powerbelts are 50 cal and shockwave is not because of the sabot. will that effect knockdown power and penetration?
I'm going to experiment this year with Powerbelts. I think all the problems you read about Powerbelts blowing up, are shooter error. They can't handle close shots with magnum loads. It doesn't mean they failed to kill the animal, but nobody wants to see their bullet blow up in the animal.

So, instead of the Thor bullets that i'd normally use. I'm going to use the PB Aerolite 300gr with 90gr of BH 209. My hunt will be at 11,000ft in heavy timber. I don't expect a long shot. I have my fingers crossed that the new bullet will perform like I want.

This will be for cow elk. I'll let you know in Sept how it went.
Good luck! Let me know how they work. I'm hearing the PB dont fly well out of TC ML????
Probably, but I have a CVA now, and they fly good out it. :wink:
Same here, i'll be filming a hunt in new mexico this year with the 250gr Aerolite out of my Optima. Awesome shooters with the Powerbelt Aerolites.
I have shot both PB's and the shockwaves from a TC both with success. Personally, I shoot the shockwaves due to a better shot group with them.
Shockwaves here.

For the exact same reason as deerless. I got tighter groups with them.
No sabots in Colorado, but to be honest. I'd shoot the PB's this year even if we could use sabots. I'm getting 1" groups @ 100yds. More than good enough for hunting.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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