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Bullet choice?

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I have a remington 7600 in 30-06. Will be used for deer hunting so I am
looking for a 150 gr bullet because that is what my bushnell trophy XLT is made for. And 150 gr bullets you guys would recommend?
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Are you shooting factory loaded ammo or reloads???

If you are shooting factory ammo, I recommend Remington Core-locks or Federal Fusion ammo. Try them both and the rifle will tell you which it likes.
If you are loading your own ammo, I have had very good performance from Nosler Ballistic Tips on Deer, their Nosler Partitions worked great on my Elk.

I shoot a Remington 150 grain Core-Lokt out of my .30-06. I have been reading a lot of bad press lately on the Core-Lokt's but they have worked just fine for me. I have fired my '06 ten times at game and have killed nine deer and one coyote. The range varied from 25 to 125 yards. The coyote and some of the deer dropped where they stood. Some of the deer ran after being shot but none more than 100 yards. And all were dead by the time I got to them.

Unless and until they fail to do the job for me, I will stick with the Core-Lokt's.

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your rifle may not like 150g bullets. I would try the fusions first and hope for the best. Dont understand the scope made for a caliber in specific weight. if you buy a new rig how do ya know its gonna shoot that weight og bullet worth a crap. If you already had the rifle and new what it like then I could see it,but other than that
Ok and that's what I have so lots not go crazy here. I'm only 17 and dont have crazy money to be throwing around at this moment thank you! We only gun hunt for one week a year. My dad have shot his gun like 4 times in the last 5 years. 3 shots with me and put a spike down. He's just a good shot and doesn't need to be blowing ammo. Hes not someone that likes spending alot of money on a recreational sport.

What do you guys think about the Winchester SUPER X?
There is no subsitute for actual shooting a rifle

I know that there are legions of hunters that can get 20 years out of a single box of cartridges but you will never really learn how to shoot that way. If you go into the military and fire thousands of rounds through your weapon then take up hunting, thats different. The reason that people are always pointed at a 22 rifle is that it is so affordable to shoot. A box of 500 rounds of 22 Long Rifle is about the same price as 20 rounds of 30-06. Which do you think will teach you more, firing 20 times or 500? If you really want to hunt, I would buy an inexpensive 22 rifle and get off to a good start.


I personally would love to just shoot day and night. I live in the middle of the city and only go up north where I can shoot 3 or 4 times a year. My dad would have me going out hunting without shooting once out of this rifle. But now that I got a scope for it, I have a reason to shoot. I asked him the other day if he would buy me a few box's of ammo too shoot. He said I have half a box down stairs. So it looking life I'm gunna have to wait till I'm moved out and have my own place with money to spend to find out what kind of shells my rifle really does like. But what would you say is a higher quality- better bullet? The reming core-lokt or Winchester super X?
Win Super-x or Rem Core-lock??

As I understand it the Win Super x bullet is just a plain lead core copper bullet. The Rem Core-lock has a patented jacket that is designed to hold onto the lead core and keep it from seperating. When I hunted Elk out in Idaho around the Outfitter said that if the clients didn't have fancy Premium bonded or Partitioned bullets he hoped they were using Rem Core-locks. The Outfitter used Rem Core-locks himself.

All I ever hunted in PA with my 30-06 was 150 gr Rem core lokts (spell?) They can still be had for $16.00 or so on sale and I would never feel concerned while using Rem 150 gr for deer hunting. As the price of ammo continues to climb most people will be scaling back their recreational shooting. Most of my rifles get range checked just prior to hunting season and are good to go.
Can't go wrong with Remington Core-Lokt's! It's all I've used in my bolt action guns for the past 15 years. When I hit what I was aiming at, they either dropped in their tracks or ran less than 75 yards and were dead by the time I go to them.

That's my story and I'm st . . . st . . . stickin' to it!!!


Thank you for all your help guys. Really appreciate it. I thinkbim gunna go with the Remington core-lokt's. :)
Thank you for all your help guys. Really appreciate it. I thinkbim gunna go with the Remington core-lokt's. :)
Wise you are, young Jedi master.
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