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Howdy DHC hunters. This is probably gonna be a long post so bear with me.

Have been thinking about building a TN site for quite awhile now. I know quite a few local hunting business folks that were always interested in advertising on DHC. I had to tell them it would be a waste of money on their part. DHC is United States wide. Tator or Bruce could care less about a local taxidermist in my area. I wanted to build one that would be free for any TN outdoor business. Around 6 months ago or so I had my tech nerd start working on the TN site. I am burnt out on sitting in front of a computer (if you fellows havent noticed I have been on here very few times) and this site is still very new. I havent worked on getting it to grow at all.

Here are my questions. My tech guy did not want to try to change this site's forums to an updated version until he had played around with and implemented the newer version on a site that was not busy. Basically he would rather build the TN site and get comfortable with the new forums before trying to make that big of change here.

Here is some of the things the forums have that we dont have here.

Any member can have their own personal blog. Its seen by all the forum members and can be commented upon.

It has the mobile forums and you can get an app for your smartphone. I have an old blackberry and have yet got to see this part of the site in action. I really dont know if I will like it or not.

For around $500-$600 I believe we can change our forums over to this type of set up. Thats mobile forums and what they call the publishing suite forums.

Check it out. Let me know what you think. And by all means.............. If there is a contest on the TN site that is not on this one still enter the stinking thing. It matters not that you are not from TN.

DHC is currently broke as dirt. If the members would like to update to a newer version we can probably afford it when hunting seasons start to pick up and the site receives some cash.

Sorry I havent been on that much. Just tired of the computer. I even have tossed around the idea of selling my websites just because Im tired of the business end of them.

onehorse and scribe have quite a few articles on there. I am suppose to edit 2 errors in onehorse's but just have not taken the time to fix stuff on there. (its still very good and you may not even notice the grammar blunders)

Sorry for the rambling but now you know where I sit. Didnt want you to think I had just left the site to rot and die.

Take it easy.

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