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built a blind out of sticks and twigs

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got a little tired of borrowing a friends blind and having to put it up each and everytime and taking it down again. The deer get spooked by it I am sure, even had one blow at it last week before the sun came up because the moon must have been shinning on it, so I built one.
I am in deep woods so it was easy. The majority of the shots will be from 10-20 yards and a very small confined area.
I have set up at a fence corner. You can see on one side where the deer are jumping the fince in and out of the area I unt and they are walking down the fence line and down a path that runs in front of the blind.
I have been putting corn out on a regular basis and last week I used one of those acorn based attractants which they are still trying to dig out of the ground.They must like it. I wont mention the name due to any spam ordinance here but the deer absolutely love it.

I made the blind using 3 trees and wraping one of those camouflage fabric sheets. I then cut oine trees to use as my backdrop and then cut a variety of trees for the rest of the cover. Even put on a roof of sorts in case the suns shines on me to much and I make a shadow, its very wooded so that should be kept to a minimum. I even made a door and the area that I will shoot through is about 12 inches high and 1.5 ft. wide. I am really more worried about pulling the bow back and not having the movement caught but if I get to pull back without getting caught the rest is easy.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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sounds like you've built a nice blind! I'll often take some pruning sheers w/me to the field and cut off some cedar limbs or just use fallen tree limbs as cover. What I have noticed about blinds that you buy is that you need to get them set up about a week in advance to your hunt. Deer on my property get spooked by it at first, but once they know it's there, and there's nothing "funny" about it, then they relax around it.
Good Luck!
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