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Well i broke down and bought a Primos IRTruth Cam 60 last night on Ebay. Cost me $132 w/free shipping. I looked at the Truth cam 35's and they were going for around $99 and the Truth cam 46's were around $115... So I figured what the heck. Really looking forward to trying it out! If interested, I think the seller had 2 available... let me know.

Didn't cost me anything though b/c I sold those two Wildgame Innovations cams on Ebay and used that money to buy this one!
So I'll be running 3 different cams on about 200 acres.

Wildgame Innovation IR4- working decently (for now)
Moultrie D55 IR- working GREAT!
Primos Truth Cam 60 IR- hope it works great!
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BF & tator I am returning my wildgame cams again. they are upgrading them to what I don't know I have decided they are getting sold
Are you two still liking the Primos cams?
Are you two still liking the Primos cams?

I'll find out today!!! Supposed to be waiting for me at my house! I've heard nothing but good things about them....
Just trying to help some of you out who are thinking of selling your "returned" Wildgame Innovation trail cams. I sold 2 IR4's on ebay and listed below is some research I did... should help you to know what to expect to pay/get out of the camera... hoping you are getting the money and not wasting it on these things...

IR4= $61.00 +$10s/h
X6c= $115 +free s/h
IR8x= $160 +free s/h

Here's a website that shows all their cams...
Game Cameras from Wild Game Innovations
just ask Tator or myself & we will give you the low down I know we have posted this many times but we can't stress it enough how much of a waste of money these things are if you are a member of facebook go to their page (wildgame innovations) & you will see the # of people complaining about their whole line of cameras Yes it seems it is not just the IR4's that are garbage

Tator that sounds like a good deal you got on the Truth Cam 60. Im anxious to see the pic quality between the 60 and the 35. We will have to compare notes. Im not interested in another one yet. Prob around the end of this year I will look at another one.

GF Im still happy with the Truth Cams. Going back to the woods and putting it back out here soon. My hunting partner has been using this cam alot longer than me and he still swears by them.
Thanks guys looks like I will be getting a moultrie D55Ir & one of the primos

do either of you know who makes the camreas for primos?
Not I GF.. A quick search on google didnt teach me anything either.
Ok what I have found was Primos designs them & poss. leaf river makes them not 100% on the latter
Yeah I'm not sure who makes them either gf. Just as long as it's not BA products! haha

I'm going to put out my primos TC 60 this sat... so should have some pics by early feb. Will post the best ones. After this weekend I'll be running 3 cams, TC 60, D55ir, and i still have one IR4 that's actually (surprisingly) still working decently. Maybe it's the 1 in 100 that actually work! haha now watch, that stupid thing will probably still be taking pics when I'm 90! haha
Thanks guys looks like I will be getting a moultrie D55Ir & one of the primos

do either of you know who makes the camreas for primos?

I really don't think you'll be disapointed w/the D55ir! it has a QUICK trigger speed.

I was telling my wife last night that I wish I worked for a battery company so that we could get all our batteries for free. My son's toys go through batteries like you wouldn't believe. Of course g-ma and g-pa had to get him a train set this Christmas that uses 15 AAA batteries! :shocking: then on top of that my trail cams... geez

I'm keeping energizer and duracel in business!
Yeah I hear ya
I run external w/ solar power charger in the long run it is a lot cheaper & you don't have to keep going out to check batteries
well sent back the IR4's just got conformation they have been delivered
should see in a week hopefully what I end up with to sell
I purchased a moultri D55Ir that should be here in the next few day's
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