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When I was huting I took along the bleat in a can. Didn't think it would work to well. Until I saw an nice size buck comming along by the time I got my rifle ready the buck took off.

So I decided to try the bleat in a can. Flipped it over..blleeeeeeaaahhh. Flipped it over once more...bllleeeeaaaahhhh

BAM! That buck came running back in the same area all ready for some action. Needless to say I was amazed how well that thing worked. (Missed the buck though:wallbash:)

So now this got me all Deer calls gagget happy. Does anyone have any luck with the electrionc deer calls? Cass Creek Nomad Deer Remote Call/Control Unit reviews and ratings

Maybe something like that? Please give me your pointers thanks.
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