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Broke my slug gun/HELP!

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Well today at the range I took my Savage 210 bolt, 12 ga,out and put one round of Hornady SST thru it and now the bolt won"t open, the safety work or anything!
I think I really used this gun up but the gunsmith will tell me. Boy what a terrible feeling to maybe have to get a new slug gun! lol
If anyone out there has opinions on a new slug gun I'm open to suggestion.
I'm open to all points of view and my feeling is how much is 160 or 180 class deer worth. I guess I have been shooting this for 7 years now and have gotten my moneys worth from a low end gun, but an excellent shooter, maybe it's time to move up.
Come on guys let's hear what you think.
Thank you in advance
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I had a shell get stuck in my over and under once. It took a long wooden dowel and a dead blow hammer to dislodge it. The brass split . Took it to a gunsmith who examined it and said everything was fine.
Take a look at the new Savage 220F 20 gauge. Unbelievable accuracy, almost moa at 100 yds, mild recoil, and will out shoot the 12's. Read a recent article in American Rifleman, was very impressive. They run around $475-$500.

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The plugin iteslf works fine. I had deactivated it, because I don't want the vertical follow us sidebar button group and without access to the admin settings for the plugin, I can't turn it off.I've reactivated it so you can see the site with the plugin. Again, the problem is that I'm not seeing the Share And Follow admin panel that you show off in the tutorial video. I've tried switching from the Carrington theme to one of the stock WP themes (twenty-ten) but nope, same results: no controls in the plugin's admin panel just the two demo videos.I'll email you screenshots of the admin panel so you can see it as I'm seeing it.
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