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prefer? :coffee: hmm. my first choice would be a fixed blade 100 gr muzzy. for deer and other larger game i would not be completely comfortable using a mechanical. with a fixed blade i know what i got going through the target. a fixed blade leaves no question as to how many blades and the size of the cut you will create. with an expandable you just don't know. will the blades open at all? will one blade break? if they dont open will it be enough to get the job done of whatever i am shooting at?

that being said ill give my experiences with 2 different expandables on deer. i shot 1 deer with a spitfire. the area it went in appeared to have opened up all the blades. (nice hole) it ricocheted off the ribs on the exit side and traveled through the body area and exited out just in front of the back leg. it dropped the deer in about 20 yds. a hunting partner of mine also dropped a deer with a spitfire that ran about 50 yds. in both instances the blades were broken and not found. but the spitfire did do the job it was suppose to.
the other instance was with a 2 1/2 inch cut vortex 100 gr (2 blade) in this instance the arrow just stuck in the deer. it looked like it went in and struck bone and just stopped. the deer ran off while the arrow just hung on to his body. while it ran it knocked the arrow lose. it calmed itself after a couple 100 yds of running and appeared not to shook up at all. like i shot it with a pellet gun, broke a little skin and scared the pee out of it.

i beleive expanables have their place in hunting. some like the job they do on smaller game like rabbit, squirrel and turkey. but for me i like a fixed broadhead simply for the fact that i know what i am getting. there is no question of how many blades will open. and i also have a higher chance of the arrow going all the way through. a well placed fixed broadhead with an average cut of 1 1/4 inch will create enough damage to insure you get to tag whatever animal it is you are shooting at.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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