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Broadhead type

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What is the benefit of mechanical broadheads over fixed heads or vice versa
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in my experience, it is really personal preference, and for instance, the way my bow and rest height is set up, i cant use anything but mechanical. I was talking to a gentleme once that discouraged mechanical because of the extra kinetic energy the broadhead has to go through when hitting the deer. And when taking a a far shot, that could make the difference of a double lung penetration and single lung. :mellow:

I know that isnt too much, but hopefully it can open your opinion a bit. happy hunting!!
Yeah I am a fixed broadhead guy. Less room for error is my thought. Anything mechanical is more likely to mess up than blades that are already opened and in a fixed position.

Though I have to say some of my hunting buds like the spitfires. I have shot one deer with a spitfire and it brought it down quite nicely. But it was also a close shot. Like Brentskee said the farther the shot the less likely I beleive a mechanical would work.
Ok thanks i am just getting into bow hunting and was just wondering. I think i will probably just go with the fixed heads, just to keep it simple.
i have used spitfires and they do work but they are pricey.i prefer an old fashioned 2 blade fixed broadhead.
i use a three blade fixed as well. Always gets the job done for me..
I agree with the 3 way fixed broadhead type. There are so many things that can go wrong in this manditory close range type hunting...why add another variable at a higher cost? I see little value in mechanical broadheads. If your bow is tuned correctly then the fixed blades should fly nearly as true as mechanicals.
dont dont use mach's with a stick I shot two deer whith them and theydid not work verry well both shots were less than 20yrds and well placed.Iwent back to the fixed and am happy.the mach's work verry well with my compound though and I still use them with it
I personally use Muzzy's 4 blade. I put one through the shoulder of a 125" this last season at about 22 yrds.. It dbl lunged him and crushed the shoulder. I can't say I don't like mechanicals I just only like one brand and they are illegal to use for deer in ny. Tekkans, these puppies are brutal. I've never had one fail and I've smashed a few doe square in the shoulder (out of state) on purpose just to see what kind of damage they can do. Both times they were at about 15-20 yrds, both times they went cleanly through both shoulders. Untill they legalize them though I'm sticking with Muzzys, They've always done the job for me.
I've been using Rocket Hammerheads for deer the past 8 years and have never had a bad experience with them. The great thing about using a mechanical with that great big cutting diameter (2") is the blood trail. The deer do usually go just as far as with a well placed fixed blade, but there is usually a much better blood trail. With a well placed shot I can generally just walk along at a normal pace and follow the trail; even look at it 30yds. ahed in some cases. Mechanicals are not magic as some would have you believe, but they have their place. I still use fixed blade (Razorbacks or Monotecs) for hogs and would for larger game also if I hunted them. It's still all about shot placement! Have fun trying different things.
Muzzy3 blades are all I use. 100 gr
Eastman Sabre-Titanium 100gr.
I've tried many different Broadheads and Now I'll only use Fixed type.

Muzzy 3 blades 100gr. are what I use.

THIS year I think I'll try the MUZZY 4 blades
The only thing with 4-blades is they tend to leave a cross type cut vs the oval hole that a 3-blade does on the inlet side. There doesn't seem to be much difference on the killing side. I do tend to get slightly better flight from 3-blades. The only damage on a Muzzy that I have ever had was a slightly bent blade because it hit the front shoulder blade. Most times a double lung pass through leaves the Muzzy ready to shoot again. That one will be use for practice and a new one is put in its place.
Well maybe there's no need to try them 4 blades.
I'm comfy with what i'm using now anyway, but I often try different things just to satisfy my curiosity.
I'm wierd like that... :w00t:
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