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Broad heads

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:crazy: Fixed vs exspandables? Im pretty much an old school kind of guy. I perfer the Montec 100gr. by G5 fixed . This high effiecent balanced broadhead is machined from 6061 stainless steel all in one piece system , with todays bows exceeding 300fps, these machines demand high proformance from todays broadheads to hold up on impact where exspandables can fail at impact...face it ' how sad would it be to potentionally lose a nice buck from bad penertation or to find a blade broke off in your steak ,so think about a good fixed one piece system . If your lacking accuracy just practice more................
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ive been thinking about trying the montec's out this deer season
I got the wife a set of Slick Tricks 100grn 1" 4-blade .035
She's only pulling 40 lbs
Does that sound about right?
I'm gonna be pulling 60 lbs
What yall think I should go with.
We're both going with carbon arrows.
Give me some detail on arrow selection also.
i use easton carbonaeros excel arrows 3 vane,plastic, with 100 grain 2blade nugent braodhead by muzzy.Shhoting out of a mathews MQ32 62 # draw.Go to you archery pro shop,hopefully he has a range and have him measure your draw length and have cut the arrows to size,He can also make some recomondations,ask for 3 different ones.This way they dont push 1 item. Thats my opinion
i agree with what joel said on that.. my arrow of chioce is the gold tip pro hunter. they are a little expensive though.
I just saw a review of the new muzzy broadheads .They are AWESOME they shot it into a cinder block it was bured to the shaft and the point came through the concrete ,took out a chunk.I want them
that arrow had to have been smokin comin off that bow. i need to try this at home and see how mine perform. just dont want to ruin an arrow though
i saw another test were it shattered the scapula of a deer
I shot Thunderhead 100's for years. I have now converted to the Muzzy's. Harley is right on the Montec's if you do not mind spending the extra money. The 1 pc broadhead holds a better edge when resharpened. The 1 pc design, using the general law physics, would suggest a balanced and higher reliability broadhead. They run about $9-10 per broadhead. All other broadheads are about $5-6 ea.
I have always shot fixed blade broadheads the machanicals have that chance of failing but with fixed blades there are no "what ifs?"
i use to shoot spitfires they worked every time however the cost was too much when i switched to a lighter head100 from 125 i switched to a fixed blade
Good point on the what if's. There is no room at the inn for any risk variables in the world of bow hunting as it is such a short range weapon with limited opportunities.
I have been using muzzys for years. the 4 blade type as I believe they stand up better than the 3 blade design. I have been interested in trying out the montecs though. just cant get past the expense though.
I always hear more bad stories about Mechanicals than I do Fixed!
Go Muzzy and leave your worries behind... :wink:
I use the montecs 85 gr. I like the cut on contact one piece fixed. easy to sharpen and no worries about opening.
I have used Thunderheads 100 for a longtime.This year however I purchased the Tru Fire Switchblade broadheads they also are very expensive.But I still had a few Thunderheads left so I carried both in my quiver.So when it came time to shoot my buck,I could not risk it,I used the Thunderheads,the buck did not go more than 40 yards.I want to trust the mechanical broadheads,but its tough for me to do.I also use the Gold Tip Pro arrows with 3 inch feathers.
i picked up the rage 3 blade yesterday and I love the way they shoot. Havent shot at a deer yet though
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