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Boy's first deer

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Well little fly made a great shot on his first ever deer this morning. He was using a mossburg 270. It was a 6 point buck, 140 ish lbs. made a quatering shot. Deer made one hop then a few slow steps for about fifteen yards and fell over. Pic to come in a short when I can get home and down size n upload.
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many congrats to son, he has a great teacher to learn from.
thanks HM, he was ready to go. about ten mins before that deer came in he asked if we could go home cas he thought we was just going to have a bust day. because about an hour before that someone shot behind us. (id say about 400 yards or so back) and we had the wind in our favor (in our face) but the deer for the shot came in running but winded us as soon as the broke the hill, and already skidish from just being shot at one blew and they went another way. he thought it was all over and a waste of time from then on till the buck come in!! boy how fast his mood changed, i think hes called everyone that he knows and starting the list over again just in case they didnt get the full story the first time :lol:

now that he got his, time for me to try to knock one out, i took the scent glands off that deer. i like to use them. they are better than any store bought atractaint by far !! but only good for about three or four days if it stays cool.

why cant i upload a pic ? im trying to up load a Jpeg and ive got it down well under the size and it keeps telling me its not a valid format. :crazy: its a jpeg pic and under size what more can i do ???
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Great job to the both of the flys. I don't know much about the pic sizing/imaging stuff.
I use photo bucket and have to crop the size of the picture, it's the only way I can do it.
Well I've put up many pics before on here but now it's just not letting me. Keeps saying my file is invalid, I don't know why .. It's jpeg, it's under the max size limit so I'm at a loss.
I'm pretty weak on computer skills.
Well I've put up many pics before on here but now it's just not letting me. Keeps saying my file is invalid, I don't know why .. It's jpeg, it's under the max size limit so I'm at a loss.
First of all, CONGRATS to both you and your son on that great hunt! I know he's still very excited!!

Now, to address the upload of pics, the exact same thing has happened to me recently. I've uploaded over 100 pics here before, without issue. Since last Sunday, I can upload none, including those I've re-sized. I have had zero issues here, prior. And, I have no issues anywhere else, but here. Something screwy here....:wacko: :wallbash:
ok well if i cant get the pic on here maybe i can get yall to the pics... so i just opened a photobucket acount and added two pics with my son and his buck and one of the scent glands i removed that i plan on using to hunt with. hope this works.:thumbup:

Pictures by slcwilker - Photobucket

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great pictures and what a smile on the son's face, nice work!
Good job! He looks happy. I hope we can get our son out next year to get his first deer.
nice! i like when deer have alot of white markings. the deer here in so MO seem to always be all grey except for the underside. i like the white around the eyes and neck.
Good work of your boy! but doesn't he regret that he killed an animal he killed someone alive?
Good work of your boy! but doesn't he regret that he killed an animal he killed someone alive?

Actually, Julie, he did not kill someone... he killed an ANIMAL. and NO, I'm sure he has NO regrets because he just produced food for his family and that is a VERY responsible lesson that he has learned and will probably remember for the rest of his life. Too bad all kids can't learn how to support their families like this young man... if they did we wouldn't have deadbeats screwing around and having 10 kids just collect money from the gov't and we wouldn't have people like you handing out free food stamps and welfare to lazy people in this country who mooch off us hard-working Americans.

My opinion. :bye: Have a nice day!
Well Said Tator :thumbup: Well said
& Fly its late but aBIG congrats to Lil Fly
Whoa Tator, for that response, on a 10 point scale I'm giving you 12 points. While I'm at it, I would like to say that if there were more "younger" people who think like you do this country would be in way better shape than it is.
Congratulations to lil fly, :w00t: That's an Awesome deer right there!!!
ABSOLUTELY!! Great looking boy with his great looking deer. Way to go Lil' Fly and also to Big Fly for taking the time to get your young ones exposed to the outdoor world!!!
And yes,,, VERY nice harvest for the little fly! Congrats!
When will the little peta people learn not to mess with hunters? Julie, please go back to science class and learn about over population of animals and then read your local newspaper in the obits whenever a person is killed when they hit a deer with their car, then please read the Bible in the old testament when God gave the directive to to all hunters to go out and harvest the game that he supplied. Hunting of game has been the single best method of controlling over populations of animals, period. I am sad at the number of dogs killed everyday by city dog wardens, maybe you should put your money to that cause. One more thing, watch a video of coyotes or wolves taking down a game animal and eating it while it's still alive. I guess that's ok with you because you are simply anti-hunter. Congrats to Big Fly and Little Fly on their great memory!
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