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Box stands

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I normaly hunt from a climber but my little one is showing some interest.Would any one have a pattern for a box stand.
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Welcome to the site Southerncomfort, sorry I've never used a box stand but I hear that the safest are the ones that are sold from companies and not homemade with wood and such.
Hi Southerncomfort I like approx 6X6 and about 6` tall so you can stand and move around a bit as your little one gets bigger it will work . You may find he will fall asleep so a little room is good my 2 cents. Good luck and hope he will learn to hunt.
I built two from heavy 6in metal studs 18ga. for the legs braced them with 20ga. metal framed the floor with 20ga. decked it with 5/8 pressure treated plywood carpeted it with outdoor marine carpet framed my walls with light 25ga metal same for the roof put 3/8 plywood on the walls an corugated metal on the roof. I made one of them 9ft to the deck the other 12ft I built it laying on the ground an then stood them up in place I built them in two pieces them in two pieces the base an the box put them togather after transporting them, in all I probably got 100-150 dollars in them but I got most of the material from my job so actual cost to me 0 dollars.:yes:
I appreciate the feedback, we're putting 4 boxes 4x4 on the smaller plots and 2 4x6 over the bigger plots. We're gearing up for his first Teal season in Sept he's pretty excited.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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