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bow xperts?

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Has anybody had any experiences with the BOW XPERTS or heard anything about them? What do you think about sending your bow acrossed the country to have them " SUPER TUNE " it for you. Good idea or not. If you never heard of them check out and see what you think
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does not impress me much. anyone that is just getting started can get help on their set up at most of the places they buy them from now( most bow stores have shooting range) and anyone with expereance can tune one up. and anyone can set their pins. I dont think anyone needs to be pin sighted at 100 yards unless you shoot at the novelty target at the local 3-d archery shoot on the weekends. I would sure hope people are not trying to sling broad heads 100 yards away in atemps on harvesting deer:crazy:
and not sure on paying to ship out bow to be tuned( witch they probably do good) and it get all beet up in return shipping and be out of addjustment anyways:no:
so not for me but I'm sure if there are people out there that dont feel comfortable in their abilities of tuneing their own bow then it might be good for them. but even then I think I would still take it up to the local shop instead of shipping it off.
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