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Bow trip nearly here.. addt thoughts

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The Annual PA bow trip is just about here. My buddy and his dad will leave The UP of Michigan this morning and then the 4 of us leave my house Wed morning early. Son called and he's already there and can only stay till Wed night then head back to college, at lease I get to see him for a few hours and feed him!:confused: I'm ready for some R&R hunting with great friends and a beautiful state to hunt in. I'll deal with the health issue when I get back. I hope every one hunts safe and is productive, I take my hat off to those still teaching the young how to properly hunt and pass along their knowledge to others. Be especially safe, think clearly, treat the game with respect it deserves and you'll be able to look in the mirror without regrets later down the road. This has become a pretty good site to share thoughts and experiences and when life's curves comes at us we can share that with a great bunch of caring people and that in itself brings a ray of perfect sunshine everytime. HM
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Sounds like a great time awaits HM. Kinda like how I view my vacations, worry about the money and finances when we get back. Use this time that you have out and forget about the operations and all that and just focus on whats in front of you until you get back. May god be with you buddy!!!!
It's time for R&R, leave all the worries behind and enjoy your time away.
Past rumors say there may be some Cherry bounce before that steam sauna, sounds like R&R to me!:w00t:
:thumbup:heading up to camp myself wednesday morning,neighbors from pa will be up.hopefully the rut is kicking.Hm leave your worries at home and i hope you have a good time.enjoy this you waited all year for it,put the medical stuff on the backburner.good luck to you and your camp.HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy and take lots of pictures.
Good luck HM! enjoy your time w/your son and your friends! Those are the best times of all!
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