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This season I scouted a spot that's turning out to be a real HOT spot.
I wanted to share this info because this year wasn't my normal scout and tackle routine, I decided to go with my hunters instinct this season and I'm glad I did...
I wanted to share what's happening thus far to let everyone know that even though an area doesn't seem like a really good spot it may surprise you.
Just yesterday as the day was coming to an end I had a "Huge" buck coming in with 2 smaller deer, the time was 545ish and they never came in closer than 75 yards (Approx.)
I spotted the Deer moving in at approx. 90 yards, there's still tons of leaves on the trees so the visual range isn't the greatest so I couldn't tell the actual tine count but I'd bet 1000 bucks that the one buck is going to dress out around 210 lbs. His size was very obvious when compared to the other 2 smaller deer, the buck was wearing a nice rack but I couldn't tell if the others were bucks or Doe's, So I know I have a good spot but I have to do my best to harvest one of them ASAP because as soon as rifle season rolls around this spot turns into what seems to be the most popular spot in the county LOL maybe not quite that bad but a ton of weekend warriors will flood the area.
Whether I get a chance at the huge buck or at a nice mature Doe I'll be happy to harvest either one...

The funny part of this story is, I've got a few guys telling me I'm wasting my time in there because nobody's seen any deer in that area for a few years because of the heavy logging that was done some 5 or 6 years earlier, which to me makes no sense at all...
I've only seen one other hunter who stops in on the weekends but as luck would have it he isn't coming near the area I'm hunting in, in fact he always heads straight in to the opposite direction. :wink:

The area i'm focusing on has very little deer droppings, no obvious deer runs nothing that would make any hunter think that there's a huge buck in the area, so not many scouters will venture in to look further well except me of course all I had to see was one fresh rub with a piece of dried up velvet hanging off of one of the branches.
Our weather's been really nasty with all the rain and wind we've been having, I hunted Sunday and opted to stay on the ground because the wind was in my favor, Yesterday when I got back to the same spot I found a new rub just 10 feet away from where I stood the day before, that's the activity I like seeing so naturally I had to move away a little in case that buck wanted to come back in to freshen up a little.
A hunter that lives close to the area says he's seen a couple deer in that area throughout the summer months but only a couple small doe's :whistling:

It's raining again now so I dont know if i'll go in today or not.

Good Luck on all your hunts!!!

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BB, a logging operation 5-6 years ago should have great new saplings and low brouse started which deer really love, I would think more deer would be seen in the area? Anyway hope you fill your tag(s). I wanted to sight in the Triumph today and got hit with 20-25 mph winds and possible rain. I will have to wait for better conditions. I think I will use the day to get down all the camo clothes and boots and start washing everything for PA trip. No sense waisting a day and doing nothing.

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I agree you would think it would be loaded with deer sign throughout the entire area but it isn't.
I think the hunters pound the heck out of it year after year after year during the Rifle and Muzzleloader seasons keeping the deer tucked way back in the forest or high on the mountain top browsing down just enough to grab some extra feed and exercise...

I also believe most hunters who scouted the area were only checking the open logging trails which have no tracks, no droppings & no obvious browsing trails.
Had I not scouted the spot as thouroughly as I did I wouldn't have come across that one rub and probably would have concluded the same as all the others that may have scouted there
But I knew there was a Buck in there and my gut said give it a try to see what happens.
I had Phillip with me and I kept reminding him that if we saw deer they would be on that level of the mountain, on our side of the woods and traveling from a certain direction and when he witnessed all my predictions were right on the money he was shocked but I explained to him that after so many years in the woods most of that knowledge comes from instinct and past experiences.
The seasoned hunters know what I mean, some things you just naturally know when you get into certain areas, it's kinda like fishing, sometimes you just know where to cast your line for the best results.
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