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Bow season just around the corner..not finding any

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With bow season just around the corner here, ive spend the last three months scouting, puttin out my game camera, starting food plots, laying out salt blocks, but i have yet to catch anything on my game camera. here about 7 months ago, some loggers came through and did some brushhogging and logging through my neck of the woods. Could this be why im not seeing any deer, and should i completely move area of woods??...This kinda frightens me that i will not have a good bow season, after i have spent money, time, and effort into gettin my area prime..
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Its always hard to tell with loggin going on.

You said its been 7 months ago though right? I would think the deer would be over it if it affected them at all and you should be able to tell by sign if they are back in there. Dont let the camera discourage you if your seeing all kinds of deer sign. You might just need to move your trail camera to another location.

Do you have plenty of deer crap, prints, etc. around there? Active trails? What is your camera set up on?

And the way cameras are made cheap these days you have to check and make sure those darn things are working right half the time.
I have my trail cam. set up facing towads the plot, and salt blocks. Prevoiusly i had it set up facing towards a little pond, as hot as it has been here lately, i assume the deer would have to hit that pond at least once a day. but no pics. I havent checked much for signs, as far as rubbings and scrapings. but i will do that.
If you left big piles of tree tops for cover then the deer ought to fing them and use it.
Don't get too discouraged... When the natural food sources start running low later in the fall I'm guessing your plots and salt licks will become more and more attractive. Buck fever is right about the camera quality though, as much as you want to, you can't rely on them consistently. Scouting really helps in getting deer on camera though... Finding the prints, crap, hair on fences, and that stuff will give you a starting point, then the rest is up to you, and from the sounds of it the time and effort is there... You're one good leisurely walk in the woods away lol...
Try putting out corn mixed with crushed water softener salt, buck grub and a entire jug of stump licker and aim your camera right at it. If nothing comes to that its not looking good. I use that mix every year in new spots to see how many deer are around and it pulls them in every time they love it.
find a well used trail or intersection and mount the camera there.
I put my camera up on tuesday last week and pulled it today. I got yearling, doe and a buck all in the same 2 minutes.
dont worry

If there are deer sign in the area, dont worry, they are not far off. deer eat whats available whats fresh ect.. but early search period, main trails ,last years scrapes and tree rubs. The food in early oct. in the north is wht oak find a good producer , watch tree rats, look for acorns with binocs , stay down wind when possible, enter quietly, slow, rake trail if poss. be as scent free as poss. stay out of the woods before the start ,a month or so. If you must go in to hunting spot wait for rain , glass the area as to not alarm local deer . The old timers live off on there own usually in a dense area with all they need ...until they need her.
Its still early in the year
Just because your not seeing the deer don't mean they aren't there
Just be patient and hunt when season starts
Gearing up for Bow Hunting Season

So happy ScoutLook Weather just released a new APP in time for bow hunting season! In addition to my favorite tools (ScentCone, SetZone, etc), the APP has a GPS marking tool while afield for blood trails, scrapes, rubs. Can't wait to try it out on my iPhone this weekend! ScoutLook™
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