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Bow hunting w/o tree stand

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Can you hunt with a bow without a tree stand? Tree stands are expensive, and I don't have my own land to set one up. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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Absolutely. I have and prolly will again in the future. It's hard but doable. Watch the wind and don't set up too close to where you think the deer will come. One trick I always used was to carry a pair of pruners. Finding a spot I wanted to hunt, I'd prune limbs from bushes and trees makin a sort of blind. Not a huge structure, but just something to break up my outline. It doesn't take much. Try to use the natural brush instead of building something out in the open, ...downed tree tops, patches of honeysuckle, low bushes, etc. I've killed several deer that way.
I have bow hunted many times (and been successful) in a ground blind. You can usually get one of those for under $100 and they are easy to set up (less than 5 min) I do recommend what SM said about not setting up too closely, plus make sure you are scent free! Limbs off a cedar tree are excellent to hide behind too, if you bring some pruners with you. Sort of like turkey hunting, you want to blend in if you're not in a blind-- but also scent free.... plus, it doesn't hurt to move all the crunchy leaves away from where you'll be sitting!
I dont know how you are set for $$$ and or what you consider expensive but, if you look around you can get tree stands for right around 35.00. I just bought 2 last month.
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