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Bow hunting in the rain

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Is it worth bow hunting in the rain? I am not sure but seems like lately only days I can hunt it is raining, so figured this friday which I have off I will hunt anyways.
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I say, a light to medium rain YES, heavy rain NO
Good Luck
BB, I agree 100%, misty to light rain stay in your stand. Windy though and I leave. I don't like hunting in high windy conditions. One bad thing with light rain, the deer are like ghosts one minute nothing and then there they are 20 yds away.
light to moderate rain, i'd hunt. heavy rain is just no fun and the deer tend to hold up in the heavy soft woods/cover. the heavy wind well now, this can be good and it can be bad. if you have a stand on the leeward side of the hills or in a protected bottom the deer will concentrate there as long as there is food, no extra pressure, normal deer habitat there. so if you do have a stand in this type of cover from the wind i'd would sit it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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