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bow hunting accident pics.. painful

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these pics have been around for 3 years or so. this guy lived or i probably would not be posting these pics. there are 2 stories that circulate about this accident.

the first one is he was with a hunting partner when his buddy drew back on a deer. he stuck his head up to watch the shot and got shot himself from about 7 feet away.

the second story is they were practicing with their bows when he decided to go get his arrows and his buddy was not yet done shooting.

either story you know this had to hurt. check them out and tell me what you think.
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Holy cow. I can't see how he didn't suffer some brain damage from that. Definitely looks painful.
he suffered from headaches. imagine that
the whole skin on the end of the broadhead is kinda gross
that last pic is gross
How on Earth did something like that happen?
:coffee: i dont know. but i would like to hear the guys story to how it happened.
How in the world?

:wallbash: :crazy: :green: These icons say it all...........
I think that somebodys elevator dont go all the way up!!
Owwwuch. Would like to know myself who not to go bow hunting with. I don't imagine he went again. But then again...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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