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Bound to happen.....

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sooner or later. lol. I became a grandpa. she was born 2 weeks ago. been waiting to post anything--- (had to accept the fact i am now a grandpa..lmao).


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Congrats!!! I too became a Grampa last December. Awesome thing grand kids are, and you get to return to sender after a visit. :ph34r: Again congrats, hope mom and child are doing great.
Hey GRANDPA ,,,,,,,,


Hope mom and Baby are doing well.
Hey Kempster,
Does this mean you are to old to hunt??? LOL Hey I have 9 and they are great. Give them each a Hershey bar and a bottle of jolt and send them home, then watch the action!! LOL
Actually I talk a lot better game than I actually do!
Congratulations GRAMPA
and you were giving me a hard time about becoming a papa 2 1/2 months ago:confused::yes::yes::yes:


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Corngrits on becoming a grandpa!!!

Have 5 of the critters (grandkids) myself. I'll second what HM said above, spoil them rotten, THEN HAND THEM BACK! It's the only way we get "revenge" on our children for all the "rotten" things they did to us as parents.

congrats grandpa. i hope my kids dont become parents as young as me, or ill be a 40 year old grandpa.
Congrats! My wife and I are expecting our 2nd child on Aug 9th (C-section). Got a long ways till we're grandparents though! hehe
Social Security and Medicare are not far away for you my friend.

Congrats on the grandbaby.

Nice pics from both you and billy. Babies make the best pics.
the grand daughter and i , chilling out watching hunting shows on TV.. lol


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Congrats! Gramps! I'm hoping not to reach that stage for a while. My kid is only 2!

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