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Bore cleaning advice

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Hey all,

Anybody have any tips for getting rid of some stubborn fouling in a smooth bore 12 ga.? I've tried Hoppe's 9, Breakfree CLP, and Smith & Wesson Premium Bore Gel without any success. Letting the solvents sit overnight hasn't worked. I've used a bore snake and a bore brush. In short I've done everything I've done before when cleaning and then some but can't get this stuff out.

Maybe Obama can help. Isn't he supposed to have super powers or something? :wink:
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"shooters choice lead remover" and elbow grease:thumbup:Gun Lead Remover - Shooter's Choice Gun Cleaning Products
The stuff Joel mentioned is great stuff. If it is pitting not much can be done other than a new barrel.
not in all slugs
that company sells all kinds of excellent cleaning products and i agree with the other fouling problems
I bought some Shooter's Choice Lead Remover this afternoon. It appears to be working. The patches are coming out black. The fouling seems to be breaking up, though I've still got some work to do.

Can't really figure out why it's been so difficult to clean this time. My guess is it's the Federal Truball slugs I used. A reviewer at Cabela's said they "...leave a heavy lead smear in the barrels that is the dickenns to get out...."

I think I'll second that.
Oh yeah. I forgot to thank you for the tip. So thanks, Joel.
glad i could help ya out
Use Shooters Choice and a good bore brush.
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