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Now this is how to start the season! I got to hunt the season opener today, and it was great! The weather was perfect and deer activity was pretty good. I didn't see any good shooter bucks, but I did harvest my first deer with the old recurve! This doe was so skiddish and paranoid I was praying to get a shot on her. She came in this morning with 6 other does and fawns, but I never did get a chance to draw on her. I had a chance on some others, but after seeing how she was acting I really wanted to get her out. I went back to the same spot tonight, and she was the first one to come in. This time I took care of business before all the other eyes and ears got there. I am stoked to finally end the recurve curse, and now maybe I can relax and enjoy the rest of the season.

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congrats on the old time bow hunting ways!
Congrats it is awesome to see it getting done old school
congrats on the old time bow hunting ways!
Thanks guys! I am happy to report that the heavier arrows and broadheads did the job nicely. I actually got a pass through shot with the 50lb. recurve! The muzzy phantom broadheads cut a large hole that was spraying on the first jump. She did go about 100 yards, but the blood trail was easy to follow and consistent all the way. This was a great and very memorable hunt.
Congrats!!! Killing with a recurve is crazy tough, good work!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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