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New here. I have these posted over on the graybeard forums, thought I might post them here too.

I had these posted before as a whole, now I am willing to break them up. $3 a piece plus $6 for S&H. Example, 4 books would be $18, 12 for the books, 6 for S&H. Money orders only please.

*I will also sell all remaining books for $50 including S&H

I wanted to add no shipping out of U.S. unless you want to pay actual cost. I got killed on a shipment to Canada!

Outdoor books for sale. All are near perfect except the few with double * in front of the title and my name is inside every cover. Thanks for looking!!!

I will delete them after they have been sold. Thanks again!!!

3.“The personal Security Handbook” by Dr. Chris Mcnabb and Joanna Rabiger
4.“Knife Talk II” by Ed Fowler

7.“Whitetail techniques and tactics” from the complete hunter series
8.“Muzzleloading” from the complete hunter series

All by the North American Hunting Club:

11.“the best of north American hunter”
12.“Hunting predators: proven tactics that work”
13.“Mule deer: western challenge”
14.“Muzzleloading essentials”
15.“Big game wisdom”
16.“Making shots: a rifle hunters guide”
17.“Real hunting”Hunting big bears”
18.“hunting whitetails successfully”

20.“NAHC member secrets”
21.“Hunting upland birds”
22.“From the field: member tips and insights”
23.“Images of the hunt: big game”
24.“Bowhunting essentials”
26.“Whitetail wisdom”

29.“Modern Whittail hunting” by Michael Hanback
31.“The Art of whitetail Deception” by Kathy Etling

34.“In praise of wild trout” by many authors
35.“Ditch medicine” by Hugh L. Coffee

47.**”the deer hunters bible” By George Laycock
51.**”outdoor life” the deer hunters yearbook 1989”
53.“Field and stream: the world of big game hunting”
54.“bow hunting mega bucks” by Michael hanback
55.“Gun Digest 2006” edited by Keith Ramage
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