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black bear

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went today for a few hours since its the last day before gun season.i was on stand and saw a nice redtailed hawk then i hear heavy steps.i get ready and i see a HUGE BLACK BEAR moving fast 80 yrds below that was an amazing feeling then he moved around and came up the hill to my right again way i could take any was exciting to see him.then later in the day i saw a doe hanging around feeding.i tried to call her in with the can no go then i used my grunt tube and she took off like her butt was on fire and her head was catching..then it started to rain i packed it in.supposed to pour all day heavy,high winds too.I'll be back before dawn sunday with the 30/30 waiting.:boxing:.I took the moral high ground and left the guys makeshift blind alone.maybe ill sit in it sunday:biggrin:
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pretty cool seing bears like that.
It sounds like an eventful hunt. I dont want to see a bear id be scared to death!!!
lucky u there arnt any bear around here in mid west ohio so it sucks because i really want to go bow hunting for bear... lol there would be alot i would go out and do if i had the moneys :D
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