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Black Bear country

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chasing bears all over the countryside

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Ill bet that first picture would have been real sharp about two weeks ago.That is definately nice country to hunt.
Nice shots what river/creek is that ?
nice pics. :photo:
Wish I had that much land and woods to hunt on. Nice pics. Here in mississippi we don't see bears, but I've always wanted to get one with a bow. On tv they always shoot them with their heads in a food barrel, how do yall hunt them. Is that the main way to hunt bears. The only bear I ever seen was a grizzly at a wild life show in memphis. I think his name was Charlie.
Very cool pics.. Thats some pretty country.. So did you get close to any bear?
That waterway is the Allegany River (southern tier). Primetime walleye/bass fishing in the spring summerish. Followed a bear around but lack of snow made it hard to track. When a little more snowfall comes it will help.
Made it to bear country again and found some new and old claw marks

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Those are neat pics.. Ive never seen bear markings in the woods before.. I need to get out of my neck of the woods a little more.
If you have any fruit trees or anything sweet up there that would be a great place to look.
I live in northern Venango Co. on the Allegheny Oil creek juntion will upload pictures if I figure out how to do it


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