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Bird Hazzard!

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Hi all, just heard from one of my outfitters in Namibia, Burger Oelofsen from Etosha View who sent me these - I should explain - Burger has always kept and loved Ostriches, right up until this week when they did this to him!

Anyway, Burger has never let anyone shoot them - up until now - lol, and I don't blame him!

This is a photo of the villans which I took in June this year while I was over hunting with him on his farm - fabulous for plains game too as you'll imagine - it's right on the edge of the Etosha pan - stunning!

Ok, so it's not funny - I was told that by Oom Burger himself (as I laughed out loud over the phone when we were chatting about them) but all I can say is that I'm sitting here giving thanks that pigeon's don't grow to 7ft tall!

Cheers folks

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Man I'm glad he's OK. I've seen ostriches get very crazy on TV.
All I can say is, OUCH !!!
Shouldn't he use a raw cold ostrich steak over that eye?:biggrin:
as big as they get ,,he was lucky thats all it did to him...6 weeks ago a ag pilot friend of mine, hit a greater heron at 180 mph busted his winshield ,and the glass on his helmet.....cut his face all up,,,drug down some power lines landing the plane with blood in his eyes....that would be a heck of a day at a new winshield the next day and went on
Sounds like an "O" steak to me. That bird would have not made it 5 more feet. Glad to see he can still see.:surprised:
Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting more - been away in South Africa for a bit - as you do!

Anyway, I showed this thread to oom Burger Oelofsen while I was out in Namibia and he was a bit concerned that people would think him a girly-man- testosterone and all that, and he's a really nice bloke so I said I'd post this up so you get a better feel for the chap!

This is Burger Oelofsen (right) together with a huge problem lion that he tracked with the happy hunter shown to the left - quite a chap huh, and the lion's pretty impressive too!

Anyway, Burger's fine now and has healed totally, but I still didn't get to shoot the danged Ostrich - back again in Feb so maybe then!

Cheers folks

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Nah Burgers not a girly man. Those ostriches can do some damage to anybody. They are strong creatures. But if he feels that bad about himself then the lion totally redeems Mr. Burger. Serious predator right there.
Sure is - he gets a lot of 'problem' lion at his place = Etosha-View in Etosha, Namibia. In fact, rumour has it that the second largest lion EVER was shot at his place, but it's not my story to tell, unfortunately!

Great guy though and I'm glad to be able to show you the side of Oom Burger that I get to see, rather than him battered by an oversized Turkey!

BTW - take a look at this one too - shot at Onduri in Etosha using a 9.3x74 - this is Chris and Helmut Boshoff btw, and Onduri is where I took Milan, the one-legged guy from Montenegro to shoot his Giraffe and Zebra in June - Onduri means Giraffe btw.


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