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Billboard in NYC

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Has anyone heard about this story? I guess in NYC there is a tunnel where atheists and Catholics are sort of "battling it out" when it comes to free speech. Personally, I can't believe anyone would put an atheist billboard up, and it is extremely offensive to me as well as other Christians I'm sure. Sometimes I wonder what God is thinking RIGHT now when he sees something like this go up. I often wonder if he's hurt by this. It makes me hurt for him, since I'm a Christian. It is no wonder they want to put a allah worshiping building on ground zero. People like this are searching for false gods. There is only one GOD. I would like to challenge everyone this Christmas season to witness to 1 person. It can be through e-mail, or on this website, or it can be by phone call or in person. For me, it's easier to explain things through typing. IF anyone has questions about who the real GOD is, and how he sent his son to die for our sins.. please message me here, or feel free to e-mail me. If you have any questions at all- no question is too dumb or too stupid... with Jesus, there are no stupid questions. I have attached a link to this website, please pray for the people who made this billboard. I will also be in prayer for our Catholic brothers... though our beliefs may be slightly different, we still worship and praise our HOLY GOD! :wink:

Holiday Billboard Battle: Catholics Vs. Atheists - CBS News

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Another billboard for you to check out Tator..

May 21, 2011 - Noah Knew, WeCanKnow! Christ's Return on Judgment Day: May 21, 2011 There are around 40 of these billboards in Nashville claiming the Lords returning on May 21st 2011.
Interesting buckfever... however, I think God is the only one who knows when he will come again. I know one thing is for certain, I hope it's during my lifetime! :)

I've said it before, there is alot of trash in this world. One thing is for sure people, When Jesus Christ comes again, EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD!!!! (and that includes the atheists, muslims, buddists, etc....) MY knees won't have to be bowed for me! They will already be there!!!!!!!
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