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im sure yall have heard this story.. what you think about it?

i got this froma news source. read on

RIDGWAY -- It's furry, walks on all fours, doesn't have a tail and is apparently not a bear.

The only thing certain at the moment is that the images caught by an Elk County hunter have stirred new debate on the Internet about the existence of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, as believers call the creature of folklore.

Rick Jacobs, the hunter, said he planted the stationary tree camera in Allegheny National Forest, about 115 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, to try to find a handsome buck. Instead, on Sept. 16, the camera caught images of an unusual creature, he said.

"We couldn't figure out what they were," Jacobs said. "I've been hunting for years and I've never seen anything like this."

The hunter said that after a week of trying to decipher what had walked past his camera lens, he contacted the Bigfoot Research Organization.

Stories about Bigfoot are part of North American folklore and some believe the bipedal creature inhabits many parts of the United States and Canada. Scientists, however, say there is no concrete proof that such a creature exists and brush it off as a combination of legend and hoaxes.

Images posted on dozens of Web sites have generated discussions about "Jacob's creature," as the unknown four-legged animal has become known among Bigfoot believers. The exact location of the siting has not been publicized to avoid people flocking to the area.

Paul Majeta of the Bigfoot group said he has been to the northwest Pennsylvania area and done some analysis.

"My impression is that it is not a bear," Majeta said. "It appears to be a primate-like animal. In my opinion, it appears to be a juvenile Sasquatch."

im going to try and add some pics
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the two pics on the bottom.. the top one is a shot by the hunter. the bottom is a picture of a bear that has the mange
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maybe thats what was following me friday night.:whistling:last picture looks like a yote with REALLY BAD mange:surprised:
Check this Pic out. Similar? The Pennsylvania Game Commission said it's mange, I think it's clearly a Black Bear With mange...

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i would believe that its real, but ive also seen ghosts/spirits that many people will call me crazy for lol. I just believe what i saw.. my uncle was with me too to clarify. pretty neat! but freaky too. his house used to be in wisconsin on the onieda indian area with all that sacred burial stuff. The weirdest thing ive ever seen.
I wouldn't call you crazy, I would love to have witnessed it with you. Heck my Favorite TV show right now is Ghost hunters. The Taps team is awesome...
I've seen bear with mange out in the woods. Ugly little buggers.That's definitely a bear with mange.....or my ex-sister-in-law.
About 3 years ago we had a "Bigfoot" sighting in Clarence, NY just East of Buffalo and the Bigfoot team came out and hooked up all their high tech, fancy equipment where the sighting took place. No results, proof, tracks, not a trace. The local radio station got on the phone with these guys and let them have it with mockery, sarcasm, and jokes, you name it. Eventually, it all blew over. Nobody considered the expansion of the black bears travel from the Southen Tier Allegany Mountains as far North as Buffalo suburbs. R Jacobs picture looks exactly like the pic posted by Bruce. Those Bigfoot guys are out of their tree big time, a juvenile Sasquatch. I wonder if I catch a toddler Sasquatch I'll be able to keep it. With all their high tech gadgets they never came up with solid proof of the Bigfoot. I'm a Native American member of the tribe Seneca and even my own people out in the Pacific Northwest get caught up in the drama. Until Bigfoot tracks me down in the woods and slaps me up I don't believe in it or him or whatever it's supposed to be. I'm with BruceBruce1959. Mr. Signman be careful that may have been a "JUVENILE SASQUATCH" thinking that you were DADDY. LOL JK
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I wouldn't call you crazy, I would love to have witnessed it with you. Heck my Favorite TV show right now is Ghost hunters. The Taps team is awesome...
yea i went out there for a weekend to visit and he told me that he has seen this figure before, so i was freaking out and he told me after the first night i was there he saw him and so i stayed up with him the second night.... well... we were watching tv and we would both see a sillouwette of sombody walk by and go into the kitchen, then walk back. well he went and checked on his wife and kids and non of them got up... so we saw it walk back into the kitchen, then it came back and stood in the doorway. neither of us looked over but we could see it was there. and my uncle said.. how ya doin marv?...and he went away.. wel he said this bc a guy named marv/marvin was killed in that house before they bought it. not saying he was marv or anything it was just unbelievably weird. it definitly made me believe that stuff, until then i wouldnt have.

And he has told me other stories of different times that i dont really remember but there whole family has testified to seeing things.

im not sure if this one is true but my cousin(same family) said he saw red eyes in his heat vent(sounds like a movie lol) but i guess he just flipped out and still to this day living back in michigan (like 6 years later, he is like 12 now) he stills remembers it and will say he did see them.

weird stuff.
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I use to beleive in bigfoots cause my mother said the use ta live in the woods out back. When I got older I thought I seen a big foot in them woods but it turned out to be some guy wearn one of them gillee suits. I just about craped my drawers when he walked up to me and said hello.
I have seen this pic on another forum and I agree with the bear having mange.

I dont really think it looks like a bear pesay looks more like a monkey lol.
A really big monkey. But I cant really see the head in the picture either.
I just seen the same exact picture on Youtube. The guy that got this picture is saying that it is a little bigfoot. It was a local news station video clip. I dont know the exact date of the news clip.
I dont think its a bear with mange cus the "thing" in the pic has too much of a hunchback, the bears have straight backs/sholders. maybe the hunchback of Notredame came over here for vacation.

I dono about ghosts and spirits and such. My brother told me that our house was haunted once. a few days later we started hearing bangs and all kinds of racket in our kitchen at night but when ya run in there to see what it is the kitchen was empty. reall creepy when yer little. Then dad shot it one night. damn *****.
HAHA I know what that is! Thats just my mother-in-law. go ahead and shoot it. . . .I:whistling: mean her.
Great! now i have one more thing to think about while walking to my stand at O dark 30 in the morning
Great! now i have one more thing to think about while walking to my stand at O dark 30 in the morning
what are you scared of? you have a gun, did you see a gun in that pic?
it's a bear for sure. as far as the back being straight or having a hump, it's obviously not a healthy animal and will not look like a normal/healthy bear would. it is kinda creepy looking though. i have to say i would shot it just to get it out of the population.
unless that head was photoshopped thats a small black bear.I've seen tons of them and thats one for sure

I have to admit that I do like to believe that there could be bigfoots ( bigfeet??) out in the woods somewhere. The photo could be either or. Since we have not seen a juvenile bigfoot before we cant say what they might look like....

I do have to say that there are several mysteries that we have yet to unearth as a civilization. Loch ness still has depths never seen by any man along with a canal that connects it to the ocean where we have also not fully explored. We have found bodies of Giant Squids for centuries but until 2005-2006 we have never even seen one alive. Since man has first seen the ocean, there have been stories of Giant Squids ( krakens) that grew to be 30-60 feet. This is just a animal that we have happened to stumble across with electronics on a string. It would be even harder for people to track down and find a half-way intelligent beast in 50,000 acres or more. I mean come on, how hard would it be for someone with basic knowledge of a farm you own to find you if you really didnt want to be found?

Also, if you research many native american legends, any tribe that lived close to vast wildernesses seemed to have some legend about an upright walking, hairy man. Some believed them to be their spiritual brother, others seemed to fear them but once again, almost all mentioned him. I believe they are out there, it is just a matter of time before we have definitive proof of it.

If anyone has Comcast Cable, go to On Demand, News and World, History Channel, then Monster Quest. There is a Sasquatch episode that is on there and they set a trap for one and get blood on the trap. The DNA from the blood comes back as being in between chimp and human and is currently like nothing we have seen before. The show comes on every Wednesday about 9-10 est on The History Channel
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