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Big Tennessee Buck

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This buck was supposiedly taken back in my home town in west TN. My buddy sent me the picture this morning. The guy got it during our first muzzeloader season (last week) Tennessee can grow some BIG deer but you just have to work for em.

Also, this year I have noticed many of our deer are getting bigger bodied. My dad shot a good seven the other day that field dressed at 190lbs.


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Nice one.. Im am hoping TN deer are growing in body size..
you are right, they can grow some big ones but guys need to stop shooting them as little ones to see those results. same problem across the country.
As long as the little one's are legal to shoot, it's always going to be tough finding them big ones.
But then again there are some guys that hunt every year and consistantly pull 140's and up off public hunting lands, year after year after year.
Those are the real hunting pro's in my book.
I agree

I agree that people need to stop shooting little bucks. This past week I passed up a 7pt (suppose to be an 8 but had a broken brow tine) that would've scored at least 125. He was a 3 1/2 yr old deer. The next day I saw several spikes, 4s, and 6s. Then I saw a 9pt but he would've only gone 100-110. He was a 2 1/2 yr old buck. The following day I saw a different 7pt that wouldve went 120.

I was telling one of my buddies about this and he had the reaction of most people....SHOOT 'EM. I hate this mindset because that is what keeps big bucks from ever forming....if it has horns, shoot they say ....:thumbdown: I have passed up several good deer in hopes that more monsters will start manifesting themselves around our property.
i cant make my self shoot a small buck...if i let him pass maybe he will get older..that tennessee buck is a dandy.
Nice buck. Where in West TN?
West TN has some good bucks, that's for sure. It's true that they won't grow if you don't let them go, BUT a hunter should take whatever he or she can or wants as long as it's legal, and feel good about it.

It's great that people have opportunity to pass up bucks but not every body has that much chance to get in the woods and a buck of any type is a big deal. We should never belittle their accomplishment. Taking home a deer can do more to generate interest in the sport than any amount of stories about "the one I let pass" can ever do.

There's plenty of big bucks out there for us to hunt and taking some out of the herd will not matter. Probably half of the small bucks won't survive to maturity anyway, between natural mortality and vehicle accidents.

Besides, you will probably never see that spike or four point again even if it were to survive. After it's moma runs it off it will probably travel 15-20 miles before it settles in somewhere.

So I say killem if that's what you want and don't let nobody tell you it's not a trophy. :ranting:
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Yea buckshot, if it weren't for small bucks I wouldn't have as many memories as I do now. It used to be more important for me the way I took a buck. On the ground, first one with a certian gun, first deer I ever called to me, etc. One of my best hunting memories was a spike I seen at a distance, grunted at him, and called him to me. I shot him at 15 yards. I was on the ground behind a 2' tall bush. I was pumped I'll telll ya. All in the eyes of the beholder......
18 point

This buck was taken in west TN on Nov 22nd


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Awesome Buck! Congratulations!!
Here's a Tennessee buck killed with a crossbow this week just north of Chattanooga.

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Thats a dandy Buckshot.. Love the thickness on them horns..
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