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Big Buck video

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I got this from an email the buck is pretty big but it looks kinda young its probly on a high fence ranch for genetic breeding but still its a big buck
here is the link

YouTube - Big Deer
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Awsome Buck In That Video.although It Looks Young I Would Just Have To Take It No Questions Asked.
yea i would of too but im thinking the person who owns it probly does genetics and breeding buissines you can make a whole bunch selling impregnated does, button bucks, and the monsters that you put a ornge tag on so you know not to shoot it and let it breed around that buisiness is banking right now
Yes a very HUGE deer.......I've seen this video before on another website..........they said it was on the King Ranch in Texas.......but that is what they said..........:yawn:
yea i got it on an email it said king ranch muy grande but i thought it needed to be on here
That's cool 512, I'm always on the Youtube checking out all kinds of hunting videos. Now that I know your on there I'll be checking out all of your vids.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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