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BIG 9 pointer i'm going after now...

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I've shown this buck on here before, but he's starting to get to me... going to have to start watching out for him closely... rifle season is nearing..... what does everyone think he'll score?

let me know if any of you can't open this pic in new window... it wouldn't let me enlarge it.... sorry guys.. for some reason the pic shrunk when i saved it... i'll have to figure it out...


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The pic wont enlarge for me, but he looks like a nice one!
Tator, I am unable to enlarge the photo to get a good look at him, but I can see enough to know he's a really nice buck. Good luck!
Who knows what he will score but sure is a nice buck. Good luck!
yeah... I apologize guys.. I have him saved on my flash drive (which is at home). If you are just dying to see him, he's in my albums.
I would let him go and see what he looks like next year .:w00t:
Not.. take him
Here I tried it again, Hopefully it will allow the pic to be bigger.. sometimes I HATE COMPUTERS!!!:ranting::crybaby:

FINALLY you can click on this one and it's BIGGER!!! What do you all think... if you look at his right side, he's got a forked G2 and a forked main beam... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME


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yeah, but unfortunately, if you look at the date on the pic, that's the last time I seen him... haven't seen him in person. just showed up for about a week and that's it.

BTW... i know i was an advocate on here a while back for Wildgame Innovation cameras... don't buy them they're junk. I have two and I'm missing SO many pics. They do not have quick trigger speeds at all. The other night I was bow hunting and a doe stopped RIGHT in front of the cam.... I pulled the card before I left the field b/c it had been there for about 2 weeks, and guess what? NO doe picture at the time that it should've taken it. Talk about disappointment... Now all I think about is, WHAT AM I MISSING?
Ya I had a wild game innovation cam and it got stolen. Good thing I hated the thing. I use moultrie now and couldnt be happier.
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