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Bi-Polar Condition

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I have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar for about 15 yrs. now. I have been hunting only a couple yrs. now and am wanting to buy a new gun. Will the Bi-Polar condition cause any problem buying a gun? Charlie
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I think this question would be best answered by your Doctor...
I agree with BB, sit down with your health care provider and have a good and thorough discussion regarding your condition and I'm sure you'll get the information you need.
Thanks friends, as far as my Dr. goes I do anything I want to. It's not like I'm going to go crazy and start shooting people from a clock tower. to be honest I don't even remember how the diagnosis came to be. For the most part I'm about as normal as anyone else, if anyone knows what normal is. But none the less it is on my record and was wondering if it would cause a problem.
I believe some of the guys didn't quite get that you wanted "legal" advice and not medical advice. To my knowledge there aren't any lawyers or physicians on this site, but I'll take a stab. I don't believe that a Bi-polar diagnosis (or any other physical/medical condition for that matter) would be part of your record, or, in itself, prevent you from buying a gun or hunting. Any behavior that may have resulted from your condition that would be on a police record, etc. might present a problem. If you are on meds, just keep taking them and you should be alright. Have fun and be safe.
Simply not an area we can give any legal advice on, sorry. I hope you get the info you're looking for and leads to the purchase you desire. Good luck!
Thanks, I was just wondering if anyone has has any experience with this. No, there has never been any legal issues, no crazy behavior. Charlie
Not sure either charlie, unless there is something that can set you off in the woods. I would ask your doc first and foremost.
if i remember right. the form you fill out asks if you have ever been instatutionalized, or are medicated for a mental disorder. if you have not than i think you are good to go. if you have than i think the best way to get the advice from the gun store owner. and if he cant answer the question, just fill out the paper work to buy it, and if the feds say no, well then you got your answer. i have a mild case of PTSD (from being in the service) and i buy guns all the time.
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