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Hey try TORDON. They have this at local farm and home stores. It is a little pricey, but it goes along ways. It come in a 32 or 44 oz bottle (can't remember) and it is between $30 and $40. What you do is cut the plant at it's base, and then pour TORDON on the "stump" or root system that is left. That plant WILL NOT grow again. Now if you have alot of these, it's obviously going to take some time, but it might be worth the trouble to get them out of your way...

BY THE WAY-- TORDON kills the plant by going into it's root system. This plant will NOT come back. It even works on trees! I have a locust tree that I was wanting to get rid of but didn't want to hastle w/it by cutting it down... so I cut a ring around the tree w/my chainsaw and then poured TORDON in the ring and the tree is dying quickly.
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