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Best rifle?

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What is best deer hunting rifle? i like Sako-rifles
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one that fits the shooter. i like them all
I LOVE all the ones the manufacturers would like to give to me !!! Those are the best ones. :lol::lol:
lever action red ryder!! :nerd:
Being pretty much a beginner and only two years into the sport seriously, I have found the 7mm-08 to be the best rifle I have every had in my hands. I have shot at five deer and four never moved more than 20 feet! the one I missed was a offhand 400 yards impossibility. Bolt action, BSA 4 x 16 x 40 mil dot scope has been my favorite. All the others did the job but lack the versatility of the 7mm-08.

There's only one good rifle. It's the one YOU shoot best! If you are like most of us, that means buying a whole lot of them so you can tell which one you shoot best. LOL
lever action red ryder!! :nerd:
you'll put your eye out.
i have seen this question alot. and i have seen and told alot of different answers. i could say .270 up till i got my 30/06. then i could say 7mm. but these are all rifles i love. and love to shoot. well with the exception of the 7mm. kicks like a darn mule. but i would say whatever you are most comfertable with. and squeeze a clean shot with out flinching is the best rifle for you.

p.s if you do go with the red ryder.... wear safety glasses. ha ha.:tongue:
Any one But this one

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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