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hey guys, im quite new to hunting. i want to get into deer hunting and would like some advice on a rifle i should get. i dont want a 30-06 though. im looking either 270 or 308. which would you guys prefer? whats better and stuff? and what kind of model/brand? thanks a lot
This comes from a guy that is yet to shoot anything with his rifle, (except a lot of EZ-C targets) BUT, all the research I did before buying my rifle brings me back to the .30-06. Unless your budget allows you to purchase multiple rifles, the .30-06 offers the widest range of calibers than any other rifle. You can get 90 grain rounds to pop coyotes with, all the way up to 220 grain rounds that can drop an elk in its tracks. There are just not a lot of rifles that can do that.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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