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Best broadheads?

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Hello. I need some help on which type of broad heads to buy(mechanical or fixed). I don't want to spend much more than $25. Any suggestions or comments help.
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I personally prefer fixed. I shoot RedHead Blackouts. On sale at Bass Pro for $19.00 pretty often, fly and cut as good as Slick Tricks (my 2nd choice), and replacement blades aren't unreasonably expensive. They do have a smaller cutting diameter than most broadheads out there today though. However, good shot placement is the main thing.
IMO 3 blade muzzys
Muzzy Broadheads are the best . :thumbup:
My boyfriend used Swhackers last year, and I'll be using them myself this year (being my first year as a bowhunter). Much better than his Rage broadheads he was using. However, this mechanical broadhead isn't cheap, although they have a limited time buy-one-get-one-free on their 3-packs for about $40.00. That's 6 broadheads for the price of 3 (on their website only), making it $20 a pack. These broadheads leave a massive bloodtrail and makes the deer easier to find. And the deer have never gone any further than about 50 yards. Some we found after 30. It would probably be the best bet for your money if you grab this sale quick. :) Happy hunting!
I hate to even mention it because you either love them or hate them
I for one have never had any issues the the Rage 2 blades
I have not had a deer go more then 70 yards using them
I think rage 2 or 3 blade are great mechanical broadheads little pricey though but they shoot great. On the other hand muzzy is a great choice of fixed blade just takes longer to tune them in.
Since we are talking about more pricey mechanicals I would say either rage two blade or Bloodrunner 2 blade. Either one leaves massive blood trails! i've had a few deer not even flinch when they were hit... they knew the score so they just laid down! They first doe I shot with a blood runner i pulled its heart out in two pieces. With blood runner be careful it you open your hand on your riser though. I ran one down the length of my finger once.... OUCH!
If it were me I would get a SIX pack of 4 blade muzzy broadheads because they are only around $30 and right now you could probably find them on sale for around you price range.
my brother used rocket broad heads 2in cut ( fixed ) and he never had a deer run more than 30 yards when i was with him
On four blades make sure the cutting surface is at least 1-1/16". I prefer 3 blades because they cut more of an oval shaped hole whereas the 4 blades seem to make a nice cross which could tend to close up easier especially in cold temps.
NAP 3 blade spitfires, you don't need a bloodtrail when you watch them fall.
I will add to this again & say the best broadhead is the one that works for you & you are confident with. It took me a few tries to get the ones I like the rage were a little expensive at the time but most good expandables now are in the same price range I have shot Muzzy four blades & I would buy them in a heartbeat if I shot fixed blades I personally like expandables it is what I feel shoots the best for me & I will not shoot anything other then the rage untill they let me down I have tried Nap, trophy ridge & wasp & for me I was not impressed
It is hard when there are so many different broadheads on the market fixed, expandables, chisel tips, cut on contact, 2 blade, 3blade , 4 blade rear deploying it is just endless & can make a new to archery persons head explode
best advise I could give is narrow your search down to what type of broadhead YOU want & try them be prepared to spend some money testing them. another good point ifyou have some archery buddies try theirs out my group all saw what my broadheads will do & now they have switched so we all shoot the same Nice if you have an issue (can always borrow one) Time to stop ranting Good Luck on what ever you decide
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Magnus Stingers -- you'll love 'em
Magnus Stingers -- you'll love 'em
have you used the Magnus buzzcuts? I was givin a pack for free,But dont know anything about them.
Muzzy and two blade rage shoot best out of my Hoyt. Don't settle on hype on broad heads, it may take you a few different try's to get what your bow likes that's the most important.
i shoot with rocket ultimate. they are small fixed blades. however im very happy with it. replacement blades are easily found and quite cheap. however its major problem is that if you have shot an animal that goes in the bush after the shot, it is very hard to follow the blood trails as there is not many blood dropping cause the cut closes imadiatly after the broad head passes the skin.
i used to have a broadhead that i bought on ebay 3 years ago. i cant remember its model but it was a carbon express or element i think and that was my best broadhead unfortunately i cant find them anymore.
I like Rage 3 blades the best but I dont think they are good for all hunters.I think you need a arrow with height and 300fps or faster to insure a good exit wound.Makes for a easier tracking job
Muzzy MX3 in 100 gr works for me every time, Rage 3 blades not so good.
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