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Best Broadhead Ever RAGE!!!!

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The rage broadhead is by far the best and most accurate broadhead on the market today. There is no siting in your bow with field points and then having to site it in again with broadheads; just set your sights at your yardages site in with field tips and then screw in the RAGES and your good to go. As simply as that. The slip-cam design is by far the most deadly with it leaving blood trails 2 foot wide on each side. Deadly and no trouble with losing deer. The best broadhead on the market.
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Rage broadheads are garbage and illegal in many areas. Check your laws before using them.
I love the 2 blade Rage. I shot my last buck with one and the blood trail was unreal. He didn't run 20 yards. Just too expensive for me to use on Hogs.
if you check the online reviews, rage has a lot of unhappy customers. here's some quotes from bass pro reviews.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
Twig, October 29, 2008
By Chickadee from Rowley, Ma.

"I have shot this broadhead multiple times and every so often I would hear a wistling sound and the shot would be way off. I took my first shot at a deer using these at 22 yards and the arrow flew right over his back. After finding the arrow, only one blade was open, even after hitting the ground. I had another chance at a nice buck, at 14 yards. I shot. The arrow made a LOUD whistling sound and hit a twig the size of a needle and tomohawked off the deer's rear leg. No fixed broadhead would ever mess up like the rage did off of a twig. If you hunt in brushy areas DO NOT USE THIS!!! The twig hit the part that opens the broadhead and made the arrow shoot strait down. I killed a nice buck last year with a Muzzy fixed blade. I am switching back!"

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
upset, November 12, 2008
By missourihunter from missouri

"i purchased these broadheads about a month ago ive shot 6 deer this year with my regular broadheads and yesterday evening i climed in the stand and rite befor dark a nice 8 point walked in front of me but i seen a bigger bodied deer behind him so i let him walk then the 2nd 1 steped out and WOW he had atleast 20 points kickers and stickers everywhere! so i pulled back and grunted at him when he got 20 yards broadside (a shot ive made many times befor) i took the shot and i seen a spark fly rite by him and he took off i climed down checked my arrow no blood at all! i wasnt shaking or anything so its gotta be the broadheads..thanks alot rage you will be getting an email from me very soon!"

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5
Not convinced, November 15, 2008
By Anonymous Reviewer from Indiana

"I bought these because I heard so much about them. I shot a big 10 pt this year (on film coming to a buck decoy) at 25 yards and the arrow didn't penetrate much and it didn't bleed much either. I was sitting 30ft up and my arrow hit high (above the lungs) so we looked for days and did no find him. I shot at a nice 6 pt buck at 25 yards broadside and the arrow only went in just past the broadhead maybe 2" and he didn't bleed hardly at all, I know I missed the shoulder so I'm not sure whats up it also bent one of my blades too. When the buck turned to run the arrow fell out. We looked for days for that one also and lost him. I guess as long as hit perfectly and your close to the animal and the blades stay closed when shoot you could kill with it. There are better heads out there...Grim Reaper is one good example. Best of luck guys!!!"

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
most expensive gimmik ever, October 29, 2008
By southerndroptine from Ga

"i've shot at 4 does this year, 3 of them with the 2 blade, 1 with my brothers 3 blade, the deer shot with the 2 blade ran well over 50 yard before leaving any blood at all... i never found one of the deer after hitting it behind the shoulder at less than 20 yrds. I've been extremely disappointed with the results, the 3 blade hit the opposite shoulder and stopped, no pass thru... so much for penetration. Only positive is that it's as accurate as the field points. Needless to say i won't be taking these broadheads with me to any of my 4 trips out of state this year... hope this helps before you spend your money!!"

not all the reviews are bad but how many bad reviews do we need to realize they're not what they're cracked up to be.
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What do you shoot bruce bruce???
I shoot Muzzy for NO FAIL Performance.
yeah that is what my father shoots also.
I mean smoking a deer with a rage is like hitting it with an axe. The entry and exit holes are massive and amazing. I mean come on if you dont like that then whats the point....
I'll be the first to admit I'm NOT a fan of Rage broadheads.

Every Rage mechanical broadhead that gets shot and fails Should be a reminder to everyone that, Fixed Broadheads Don't fail.
that's my opinion

I'd never hunt with an Axe.
I wouldnt hunt with an axe either but thats not the point of the if you would never hunt with an axe, maybe you should take that up with the bow hunter and world famous outdoorsman chuck adams and let him know that about his quote.
Are you aware that Chuck Adams was the First Hunter to say Rage Broadheads were Crap? and THEN Rage decided to pay Chuck and Magically he changed his view about the Rage Broadheads... It's funny how money can change a mans mind.

And I was only making fun of the axe quote, not insinuating you or anyone would try hunting with an Axe :biggrin:
rage 's are illegal in NY because they form a barb.a 2" entry exit wound is huge must make tracking easy.I still stick to my old fashioned 2blade fixed head
huh? thats a new one way to look at it joel. barb, interesting.
yup thats the reg if it forms a barb so that it cant be easily pulled out NG
Barbed Broadheads
A photo showing examples of Broadhead arrowheads

Barbed broadheads are illegal for hunting big game. A barbed broadhead is one in which the angle formed between the trailing or rear edge of any blade and the shaft is less than 90 degrees. Broadhead examples on the right compare one that is barbed to three that are legal. Broadheads with retractable blades are legal. Broadheads with mechanical blades are legal if the blades DO NOT form a barb or hook when the arrow is pulled from the flesh of a deer or bear.
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I hunt with a very good buddy who uses the Rage heads and they do make a massive entry/exit hole in deer. I have not seen any failures but my exposure to them is limited.
All I know is that it knocked the heck out of my TWO P&Y's this year. No complaints.:wink:
I never shot the rage
I shoot rocket hammer heads ,they open a 2" hole, and never lost a deer..
But if you were in heavy cover i can see how the fixed blade might cut through small twigs better
I never shot the rage
I shoot rocket hammer heads ,they open a 2" hole, and never lost a deer..
But if you were in heavy cover i can see how the fixed blade might cut through small twigs better
I do the same in very thick cover. In that case I use Muzzy 100gr 4 blade.
There are 22 hunters on the ranch I hunt on. Most of us use Rage broadheads. We all consistantly have success. You can't just rip it out of the package and shoot it. Like any mechanical, you need to make sure it is set up right.
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