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best 30-06 around $800.

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i'm looking to perches a 30-06, willing to spend around $800. plus around $250. on a scope. what would you choose with this budget - quality, accuracy, and reliability is my main target. thanks

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First, what brand rifle in what configuration? Bolt, lever, pump, single shot??? Second, what caliber? 30-06 is ok. You will get a whole lot of in-put here on this one. For me, expand your list.... 270, 308, 30-06, 280. These would cover deer, most elk shots, and black bear, and hogs. If you have a desire to increase bullet size then 300 -338 would be my next suggestions. For rifle brands, look at Remington, Tikka, Weatherby Vanguard. Ruger M77. Maybe a top end Savage giving extra money for a really nice scope. Browning A-bolt series. For scopes, go big or stay home. Anymore I look towards a 3x9x42, 3x10x50, 4x12x50 the scope is the most important piece of equipment don't go cheap here. Leupold, Nikon, maybe look at new Redfields? Burris, some may include Pentax? You really need to do a lot of reshearch to determine your needs and then plug in the rifles that fit in. I still enjoy walnut stocks, others opt for weather guard finish. Good luck and enjoy the shopping thats the fun part!
You can get a real nice rifle less than $800 and put some of that extra into the scope and get a real nice one of those too. There's a bunch out there.
bolt action 30-06 remington or winchester is what i had in mind, any one particular model stand out for you.
I have a Rem 710 bolt action 30-06. It came with a Bushnell scope for 480 bucks or so I think.
most of the model 700's and model 7 remingtons can be bought new in the 525-700 range, a little under for a ADL remington model.. This would allow a very nice scope and sling installed right in your budget. Look at the leupold rifleman series of scopes in their 3X9X40 model. With the 40 mm objective lens you can use low mounts. For anything larger say 50mm you will need medium high mounts at least. This can draw your cheek slightly up on the stock, most won't notice it or don't care about it. I'm not familiar with newer Winchester rifles in the model 70 series but I'm sure they would suit your purpose. The Tikka whitetail hunter model would also fit your budget and has gotten some good reviews here by "One horse".
I prefer Savage's myself. If I had a budget of $800 I would go with the model 111 GCNS under the Hunter series. Savage Arms > Firearms > Browse Models

For a scope I would put one of these on there - Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope 3-9x 40mm 4-Plex Reticle Matte - MidwayUSA
Hunting Man has pretty much said it all. We all have our personal favorites, but for the amount of money you are willing to spend, you have lots of choices for a really good "shooter", and Hunting Man has pretty much listed them all. Take the advice of NOT trying to save on a scope - get the best you can afford. If you don't, you will be sorry.
best 30-06 around $800

Thanks for all the input I will let you all know how it works out.
A few more thoughts on your questiom: The caliber that you are interested in getting (30/06) is excellent. Accurate, powerful and ammunition readily available and at reasonable prices. Some of the newer magnum ammo costs around $50 a box - if you can get it. As for rifle action, most guys still use the bolt because of its inherent accuracy; it can also be had in some pretty light weight models as opposed to the other actions which are usually heavier to carry. All the brands that HM recommended are time-tested and great guns. I've owned at least one of all of them over the years, but mostly lots of Rugers and Remingtons. I think the Rugers and Tikkas are especially good values because they come with scope rings which can save you about $50. I've only owned (still do) one Tikka, and it out-shoots the Rugers by far. My Remigntons have been very accurate as well, but the Tikka has a slight edge on these too. Of course, I'm a handloader and that can make a big difference in what I get out of my rifles. I think Ronn once answered this same question a while back, and suggested getting the rifle that feels right to you, and I heartily endorse that suggestion. Good luck and good shooting.
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Go with what feels right..

It has been said already but you can't put a word or really discribe it but when a rifle feels good to you it just does. Go where there is a selection and just try some. I bet that you will quickly say I like 1 or 2 over the others. Picking a 3006 gives you the most options for factory ammo, and if a store sells ammo they sell 3006. I would suggest that you also ask to try the trigger on the rifles that make it to your short list. One may just feel perfect where another may have a trigger that you just don't like. You may want to think about your selection for a couple of days and again compare them prior to buying one. Remember you are selecting a special friend that you will have for along time.

I would suggest that you also ask to try the trigger on the rifles that make it to your short list. One may just feel perfect where another may have a trigger that you just don't like.

This is great advice that people often overlook as the trigger pull and proper bedding are the most important factors to rifle accuracy. I've spent lots of money on great rifles that still need after-market triggers to acheive their accuracy potential. Of all my rifles, Tikka has the best out of the box trigger pull - it's even better than the after-market ones.
Can't add much to what hunting man said but for that amount of money if you can hold it the rifle will certainly shoot it.
Good and safe shooting
Going out to see what i can find , thanks agin for all the input. :lol:
Pls update us to what you choose...

Part of the fun on this forum is reading what a member decided after all of us throw out our 2 cents. Please let us know which you liked and why you decided at the end to pick a over b. Remember sales people all have opinions, don't feel bad if for example YOU like the Remington over maybe the Browning. The sales person might have had some bad luck with Remington. I always push for more specifics if a sales person doesn't like a particular manufacturer. Maybe their brother or dad had a rifle from that manufacturer that had a bad barrel or other issue. Any manufacturer can have a rifle slip through QA without getting flagged. I would just keep telling myself that the rifles made today are better in many ways over those made even 20 years ago. You are prepared to spend a lot of money on a quality rifle. Those companies want you to choose their rifle and are working hard to get your business.

picked it up yesterday and took it over to my son inlaw, he fixed me up with scope and we took it to the range to sight it in. i got a savage model 11 .308 shoots real nice. didnt get to practice much it got dark. really like the accu trigger and stock fits me just right, the only thing i didnt like about the rifle is the recoil pad it's a little flimsy, not a problem with the money i saved i'll pick up a pachmayr recoil pad. cant wait to get back to the range. thanks ya'll :smile:
Congratulations on your new Rifle...
Way to go

Congrats on the new rifle.... What scope did you put on it?

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