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Beaten up!

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I know i have totally beaten up this topic but i need some serious input! I cant choose between the the TC Impact, TC Omgea z5, CVA Optima. I really like the omega but seems like the cva for the price might be the better deal. I'm totally new to mL and want to make a good choice with my money! Thanks in advance!
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i wish turbohawk was close to me, i'd show him how good my CVA's shoot.

That mountain rifle out values the TC by a big margin, especially the flinter version!
muley ive been shooting cva since i was 14-15ish.
it seems like i shoot a lot, and i do. Not my fault no one here shoots and posts anything.

Im going out now to do some shooting, may report back if the accuracy is fair LOL.
frontier, if cva's are so darn great why in the world do you have to keep taking them apart, modifing them, and rebuilding them so they shoot as well and are as reliable as tc's out of the box? or in other words building them up to near tc standards yet still not quite reaching it?
Its my passion to tinker with things and see if i can make them shoot better. Free floating a barrel or forearm should be something done on all rifles, it helps greatly during the summer heat.

A 5/32" flash channel in a breech plug allows you to shoot more shots and be less affected by the carbon build up causing your shots to slow down.

Adjusting your head spacing for a tighter fit to eliminate primer blow by also helps keep pressures inside the breech plug level and clean. A gun that shoots more soot into the action than into the barrel isnt going to be very consistent IMO.

A clean bore may shoot tighter groups than a filthy bore, especially when shooting T7 or pyrodex.

Mike Bellm of Bellmtcs makes a living off of repairing TC's mess up's.
to me its not a game of competition, i go out and shoot because i enjoy it and love being able to play with things to see if it can be better. Hunting is also my #1 passion, thats the reason i shoot these smokepoles, love waking up and going out in the mountains during the cool september air.
havent hunted with centerfire in so long, they are to boring for me.

Although my mosin nagant will go hunting one of these years.

I just prefer the smokepoles.
i hate bow hunting. Went last year with my brother in law. Never again! He ruined it for me.
its hard out west with the open land and mule deer. I still like to shoot mine at targets and smaller game like wabbits but i just didnt like it for big game hunting.
yeah it does test your nerves. darn near had my hands wrapped around my brother in laws throat after 7 misses on deer the first day out. We had a LONG drive home that was dead silent.
spot and stalk on a mule deer with a bow would be flippin awsome
This is what we HAD been stalking but it didnt work out. Got good footage though! that was well worth it.
YouTube - New Mexico Mule Deer , Even bigger!

Oh and i did learn how to use the image stabilizer :thumbup: Shouldnt be a problem with the wavy picture this year LOL.
try track of the wolf, they have some nice preinlet stocks for tc.
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