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Finely I got the act together and found out how to make them, Fast Action Rifle rest’s just for hunting I call them the Bear-Claw.
This is not some kind of a gimmick or some play things you can get at the store for super $$ to use for one season (made in china) this rest last you for ever and stays on the rifle until you use it, it takes me 3 ½ hr to make one, its not a money making thing I do this only because I like hunting and the outdoors
It is also patent, so all does money grab guys can forget it.
But may be some of you would like on. You have to understand this rest is no used for sniper, long rang or range shooting, this rest is only for hunting, fast action and when ever you need to have a little support in a split seconds, to get the job don. I don’t have to tell you guys what you miss if you wiggle the barrel, you all know, happened to me
I also have a web-side mad a up so you could have a look,
O Canada yes I almost forgot its made in Canada eh, have a nice day play safe.
Thanks for looking – if you do!


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