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I have written an article on taxidermy for this site which covers in great detail how to field dress a bear for taxidermy work (including diagrams of where to cut). You will find it by going to the home page, look under Recently Added Hunting Tips. Click on "View a list of all of our Hunting Tips Articles". Then click "Taxidermy Tips". Let me know what you think.
Bruce, your suggestion to have a sharp knife is always a good idea, but I have skinned over 100 bears during my years doing taxidermy, and their skin is nowhere near as tough as a deer's. Also I looked at the link which you gave for field dressing a bear and the very first step is way wrong if ANY kind of taxidermy work might be considered for the bear. The whole idea of having to cut a dead animal's throat to bleed it out is totally unnecessary even if no taxidermy work is wanted.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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