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Don't forget to wear hearing and eye protection at the range...

What I do is
shoot one round and clean
shoot another round and clean
shoot a 3rd round and clean again
then I'll shoot a 3 round group and clean again
then I finish with a final 3 round group and clean again

I think 9 rounds is plenty for the rifles first trip to the range,
take your time when shooting you don't want to get your barrel hot!

but I also want to point out it's important to use a good bore cleaner & make sure to brush at least 4 or 5 full bore length strokes then run a dry patch,
if you visually see any brass or lead particles, remove them before shooting the next round.

If you take the time to do this break in procedure with any new barrel and always keep your rifle clean and well lubricated
you shouldn't have any issues with it's performance.
Good Luck!
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