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It was 53 degrees when I got up this morning here in Williamsport,Pa so I thought it looks like a trip to the range for some experimentation.
Took the 50 cal encore pro and some Barnes spit fire 290 grain bullets (blue sabot)EZ load and Blackhorn over and shot 8 shots. They loaded really nice the petals came out with equal rifling on them and all the petals seperated like they were supposed to. There wasn't to much difference between shot 1 and shot eight. I intentionally did not clean between shots and it didn"t seem to matter either in accuracy or loading. I sort of like this setup and might use it this year. I did use the yellow sabot but if you don't remember to bring your wooden mallet it was sometimes hard to load them. lol
Anyone else use or like this setup or comments??
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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