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barnes sabots

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Has anyone used the the Barnes sabots? I was thinking of switching to the Barnes spit fire bt. Any input on them would be great, thanks
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i think wmi has or does
yes i do as in some earlier posts on shockwaves or another 1 not sure bute i use barnes spitfire tmz expanders they are boat tailed too i can shoot with no exageration in a 3 shot average 1 " to 3/4 " group at 200 yrds with my burris fullfield 2 ballistic plex scope . just letting ya know things are a lil more expensive here in canada i pay 30 bucks for 15 rnds
I use the 250 gr barnes expander bullet in my muzzleloader. Its a really accurate bullet for me and it expands beautifully.
agreed i shoot 250 grain too its probably the best m/l sabot in a t/c anyways . but but are real tight to stuff down the barrel i find a film of bore butter on the sabot jacket itself helps out .
I had that problem I bought a couple packs of Harvester Crush Rib Sabots, they slide down the barrel with just a couple fingers.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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