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I Know That In Ny Putting A Pile Of Corn,apples,carrots Etc...just To Lure The Deer In Or Onto A Property Is Illeagle But Why Is Building A Food Plot Just To Lure In The Deer Leagle?does This Make Sence To You?i Know The Cwd(chronic Wasting Disease)has Had Something To Do With It Because They Dec(dept.of Environmental Conservation)dosen't Want The Deer To Gather In Herds?but What About The Food Plots And Or Herding Up In The Winter Months?i Have Only Herd Of 3 Cases Of Cwd In Ny(southernteir) But That Was A Couple Of Years Ago And Nothing Sence?i In My Opinion If You Own The Property Pay The State Taxes You Should Be Able To Do What You Want To Do On It.does Anybody Here Agree Or Disagree?i Don't Want To Start A War On Here So Please Keep It Clean.
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I agree......if it is your property you should be able to do as you please.....and after all the deer are in a sense "yours." Baiting also helps the deer make it through the season up north when there are hard winters:biggrin:
Don't know the answer to that one. Here is SC ,2/3 of the state can bait but the 1/3 I live in can't. 4 miles away in NC you can. Frustrating:wallbash:
I've always thought scents were more of a lure ,but they're allowed. None of it really makes sense to me. Personally I'd rather they allow baiting and outlaw rifles, but I know I'd be in a small minority there.
I am just wondering,

I am just wondering, has annyoe ever opted OUT of a family gathering because one spouse (typically the in-law spouse, not the one in the family) has been ostracized or made fun of?We've been in this situation, and it only takes 1-2 people to make someone miserable. But when you live IN the same town, it's hard to make excuses. We can't just be gone the day of that holiday, because then they'll arrange something one, two, three days before. I don't want to be hurtful to those who care, or involve them in unnecessary gossip, but aren't there times when, for the sake of your marriage, it's better to NOT GO than to go and then fight later about how the cold shoulders should've been handled??
Here in KY you can bait for deer but you cannot for turkeys. That doesn't make sense to me. You can plant or feed turkeys but cannot hunt over it. Ronn, if you think you have too many deer on your land you can apply to the Game and fish dept for antlerless tags to remove deer from your property. That is only if it is determined that there is enough deer to cause damage to crops, habitat, etc.
Here in KY you can bait for deer but you cannot for turkeys. That doesn't make sense to me. You can plant or feed turkeys but cannot hunt over it. Ronn, if you think you have too many deer on your land you can apply to the Game and fish dept for antlerless tags to remove deer from your property. That is only if it is determined that there is enough deer to cause damage to crops, habitat, etc.
They'd nail you on it. Best not to put it out. I have seen similar things happen. We grow tobacco here and it used to be general practice to sow wheat on your field after cutting the tobacco. Back then that usually happened around the first of september, opening of dove season. If you shoot doves close to that field and the game warden find one grain of're busted. I've seen it.
Let me clarify....Feeding turkeys is ok.......hunting near it is another story if turkey season is in.
Oh Ok I Got You Now
Also...if you put out a pile of corn and hunt turkeys...they'll bust you. But if you set up on a freshly picked corn're ok. Fine line there. Something to do with the natural order of things
the baiting issue in NY is a pain in the rear.the DEC outlawed feeding of wildlife just recently.thats all wildlife.bird feeders too.the storry i got is too many racoons and bears takig advantage of the free food.the birds dont migrate if ya feed em and drop dead if ya stop.the deer arent part of the equation.Before they stopped feeding of wildlife it was legal to feed the animals but not deer for the fear of CWD.I knew guys that would spend 1000$ on cracked corn and hunt near feeders.not for me but if its legal go for it.So now you got guys feeding the deer big time trying to "hold "the deer on thier property. it started all kinds of trouble..Afterall how dare i shoot your deer.personally im glad the law is in place it makes it "fair"alll around.also the dec said the deer corn was bad for the deer.I dont by that cuz deer in those cornbelt areas grow mighty fine
The people coming out of the burger joints grow mighty fine too, but that don't make them healthy:lol:

Just kidding, I have no idea about what's a balanced diet for them. I would guess that they must have a balance and not just too much of one thing, but I'm no expert.
Oh, Katie, I'm sorry

Oh, Katie, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. That sounds like a tebirrle situation. There are definitely times when it's better not to go, but that would be tough being in the same town. I wish you luck with this one, and I'll see if anyone else has had personal experience with this same situation.
Hey I'm back. This is a subject near to my heart. Baiting has one major draw back, spreading TB and possibly other diseases. Also, you have to watch for molds as some bait sources will mold up after rain and warm weather hits them. As far as food plots I have not read where the transfer of saliva is as much as a concern. Food plots with up to 30-38 % proteen will help a under-nutritional heard. Hunting over your food plots/bait is a personal matter, and state issue, I choose not to.
Has anyone started putting in their food plots and what did you plant?This would have been a good spring to plant with the cool weather.
, young people who w

, young people who work in caerres like this actually know what the **** they are doing, and rise to the top once they finally get a job.He mentions in his post that he did know about a lot of the channels that website refreshes have to go through, and understands the bureaucracy behind a significant undertaking. What he also mentions is that he's lucky enough to have been a part of several projects were instead of concern for everyone's ego's and pet projects those who were hired to redesign a website were trusted to do their jobs, and make accommodations later.The problem he saw was definitely deeper than the front-page, and his solution was actually a very honest and simple one. Change, now. You are losing business, and you don't have to. Why make bureaucracy an excuse, for a company that's a very bad one. It means the company is being pulled in too many directions and should fire a lot of people, and reorganize others. Airlines specifically do a large portion if not a majority of business online, and in the AA response there didn't seem any risk involved in simply changing the website and dealing with everyone after.If it was my job, and I was forced into that level of complacency where my time was well-spent telling off bloggers, than I'd start shopping for a new one, or take the risk of implementing a design I was hired to do and accept the risk and the reward that it may bring.
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I haven't heard of that product. With the upcoming surgery I'm going to try a late season planting of something. I will have plenty of time to think about what to try. I think I can do a early September planting this should allow the plants a good start.
Its a mix of a couple clovers, rape, rye, oats, millet, turnips, cow peas, dwarf corn, and sunflower, those are just the ones I remember. Its says it only needs 3 to 4 hrs of sun. so with that mix bag of stuff it should be good from early to late. I think it was like $30 for 12lbs. kinda pricey but if it grows and is good for all critters, and covers spring through fall it may be worth it. I think it said 50lbs per acre spread rate. cost wise how does that compare to the stuff you normally use keeping in mind the early and late parts of the mix?
Excluding fertlizer and lime I usually figure 100-130 per acre for seed. So your blend is right in line with that. Ronn is that product a spring plant only and where did you see it advertised? Thanks. I try to plant a mix of clover/chichory/brassicas. I would like to try power plant from whitetail institute its high price and a spring plant so not this year. I'm probably missing the best planting year but things sometimes get in the way.
Noah Kass is exactly

Noah Kass is exactly right. A dnbsurtiig trend we're seeing in America is a decreasing number of stable 2-income household formations. A lot of housing experts and economists who are calling for a housing bounce or bottom fail to acknowledge socio-economic developments that are negative for housing in addition to aging demographics. A lot of my male friends aren't married don't want to get married. Kids? 2 kids? You kidding? How many people can truly afford another dependent these days? You cannot under-estimate the psychology that all this unstability and uncertainty is having with the next generation who seem to be averting anything that may be a long-term commitment in a world where flexibility is key.
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