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bad **** hunting night

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well i went **** hunting last night and the dog was all over this tree it sounded like so as im walking up to it it sounded like a fight broke out between my dog when i got to the tree my dog is laying there just about to die i look over and seen just a the face of a bob cat a ways away so what im trying to get at does anybody have a good black and tan for sale it would be nice if yall would send me a picture of the dog and the price your asking yall can email me at

[email protected]

thank ya
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thats stinks did ya get the cat?
no i didnt i was trying to see how bad the dog was hurt
Sorry about your **** dog.. That stinks.. Maybe the cat will come around you while your locked and loaded..

I cant help you on the new black and tan purchase.
No dogs here just *****....hope you find a new dog
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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